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How to Install Chia Client on Linux Mint 21

Chia is a cryptocurrency that uses a proof-of-space (PoS) and proof-of-time (PoT) consensus mechanism, which is a type of proof-of-work (PoW) algorithm. It was created by Bram Cohen, the inventor of the BitTorrent file-sharing protocol.

The main purpose of the Chia client is to facilitate the process of “farming” on the Chia network. This involves users setting up a farm, which is a collection of hard drives that are dedicated to storing and serving the Chia blockchain.

When a user farms on the Chia network, they are essentially renting out their unused storage space and bandwidth to the network in exchange for rewards in the form of Chia tokens. So, if you want to use your Linux system for mining Chia crypto then this guide is for you as it explains the process of installing chia on Linux Mint 21.

Installing Chia Client on Linux Mint 21

To install this chia client the only way is by downloading its deb file and afterwards installing it using the dpkg package manager, so here are some steps that one needs to follow to get this client on Linux Mint 21:

Step 1: Go to the download section of chia official website and from there click on the Ubuntu/Debian icon to download its deb file:

Step 2: Next, once the file is downloaded go to that directory where the file is present and afterwards execute the below given command to install cha client:

$ sudo dpkg -i ./chia-blockchain_1.6.1_amd64.deb

Now run the client by searching chia block chain in the search bar of Linux Mint application menu:

Setting Up Chia Client on Linux Mint 21

Once the Chia client is installed successfully then to make its ready for use it is important to perform some necessary steps and those are:

Step 1: If you are new to chia then you must create a private key, for that click on the CREATE A NEW PRIVATE KEY or in other case just enter the key that you already have:

Step 2: Next, set the name for the wallet depending on your own preference and afterwards click on NEXT to proceed further:

The client will take up some time to setup and once it is done your wallet dashboard will appear and now the client is ready to use:

To remove this Chia blockchain client from Linux Mint in case you no longer use it and want to free up some space then search for Chia blockchain in the Linux Mint application menu and afterwards click on Uninstall under right click menu:


Through the Chia client, users can easily monitor their farming activities and track their rewards. They can also use the client to send and receive Chia tokens, as well as view their transaction history and manage their wallet. Overall, the Chia client is an important tool for participating in the Chia network and earning rewards for contributing to the network’s security and stability. To get it on Linux Mint 21 one needs to download its deb file and then install it through dpkg package manager.

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