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How to Install Chatty on Linux Mint 21

Chatty is an open-source desktop-based chatting software that resembles with classic IRC client. It comes with built-in support for streaming through which Linux users can watch and stream different types of plays.

To keep the users engaged, it introduces advanced and moderate features such as:

  • Multiple channels support
  • Customized entities (chats, fonts, and background)
  • Follow and unfollow channels
  • Get notified when anything goes live in channels
  • Multiple languages support

Install Chatty – Linux Twitch Client on Linux Mint 21

It is quite easy to get the Chatty application on Linux Mint system as you can install it through the default repository.

Run the update command to let the system up to date:

$ sudo apt update

Execute the command to install Chatty tool using default apt repository:

$ sudo apt install chatty

Check the version of the installed tool to ensure if system gets the latest release of it:

$ chatty --version

Lunch the Chatty Twitch Client tool on Linux Mint 21 system by typing the following command:

$ chatty

Remove Chatty Twitch Client Tool

To remove Chatty application from Linux Mint 21 system when there is no use of it, run the mentioned command:

$ sudo apt remove chatty

After that, type the given command to clean-up the Linux system:

$ sudo apt autoremove


Chatty is an application available for several platforms including Windows and Linux for chatting and streaming purposes. Its structure and functions quite resemble with classic IRC client which is also a communication protocol. This article has mentioned the way to install the Chatty tool on Linux Mint system using the default apt repository and its removal process from the system as well.

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