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How to Install AWS CLI On Arch Linux

AWS (Amazon Web Services) comprises various services that are supported by amazon on the cloud. It provides various cloud-based services that include servers, remote computing, security, mobile development, and many more.

AWS CLI is the configuration and automation tool to swiftly manage AWS. With the help of AWS CLI, the services can be managed using commands and various scripts can be exercised to automate these tasks.

Moreover, AWS CLI provides cross-platform support for well-known operating systems. Due to the notable features and cross-platform support, today’s guide will serve as a masterpiece to install AWS CLI on Arch Linux.


To carry out the installation of AWS CLI on Arch Linux, you must have python installed on your system as the AWS CLI has various python-based dependencies.

$ sudo pacman -S python

How to install AWS CLI on Arch Linux

The AWS CLI is available on the official repository of Arch Linux or the community-driven repository named Arch User Repository (AUR).

How to install AWS CLI on Arch Linux using Pacman

The Pacman can be used to access the official packages repository of Arch Linux.

Step 1: To download any package from the official repository, you must synchronize and update the system’s packages by providing the following command.

$ sudo pacman -Syu

Step 2: Now, install the AWS CLI by issuing the following command in the terminal.

$ sudo pacman -S aws-cli

Verify the installation by checking the version of AWS-CLI as follows.

$ aws --version

The output shows that the installed version is 1.22

How to install AWS CLI on Arch Linux using yay

The AWS-CLI tool can be obtained on Arch Linux by installing them from AUR. The command provided here will assist you in this regard.

$ yay -S aws-cli

How to remove AWS CLI on Arch Linux

As the installation is carried out using Pacman and yay, you can remove aws cli in the same manner as well.

If AWS-CLI is installed using Pacman, you can remove it as follows:

$ sudo pacman -R aws-cli

Additionally, if it is installed from AUR (Arch User Repository) then it can be uninstalled as follows:

$ yay -R aws-cli


In Arch Linux, the AWS CLI tool can be installed on Arch Linux from the official repository as well as the community-driven repository named AUR. AWS CLI is a powerful command-line-based tool to manage Amazon Web-Services (AWS). The CLI support allows the fast execution of processes to manage AWS that may take time while using the GUI of AWS. Apart from the installation procedure, you would also get the guidance to remove AWS using Pacman and yay.

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