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How to Install Atom On Arch Linux

Atom is a cross-platform text editor which is available on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. This is the finest tool for programmers since it has intelligent autocompletion, a file system browser, and splitting the Atom interface into many panes. Another valuable feature of this application is the ability to find/replace files or entire projects. So if you are interested in using Atom, go through our article to get the explained way to install Atom on Arch Linux.

There are different ways to install and use Atom on Arch Linux:

Install Atom From the Snapcraft

You can download Atom from the Snapstore, so click here to redirect to the official Snapcraft website.

Install Atom Using Command-line

To download and install Atom on Arch Linux, open the Linux terminal and execute the following command:

pacman -Sy atom

Install Atom Using Yaourt

You can install Atom on Arch Linux using Yaourt, but it is a bit older and complicated. First, download and install Yaourt using sudo pacman -Sy yaourt command and then execute the below command:

yaourt -S atom-editor

To install Git, which is based on Atom. Download the latest Git builds of Atom using the below command:

yaourt -S atom-editor-git

You can launch Atom from the applications menu or run the below command once it has been installed:


Atom automatically installs the CLI tools on Linux.


A system’s performance and speed at which applications load can affect Atom’s performance. Traces have reached a hundred, indicating that it is more stable. Atom is now installed on Arch Linux. Please visit our official website to know more about Linux.

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