iBUYPOWER MEK3 LT Keyboard Review | Should I buy it?

For the people whose work mostly includes typing or have a heavy use of laptop’s keyboard like playing games frequently then the idea of the external keyboard can be great. There are two main reasons for it: one: it might be difficult for you to type on a smaller keyboard and secondly your laptop keyboard might get damaged due to excessive use.

When it comes to searching for a reliable and affordable keyboard you can have trouble in finding one as every keyboard has some downsides as well. So, the MEK 3 LT keyboard by the iBUYPOWER can be the one for you, so to know more about this keyboard I have given my review on it to let you choose whether it’s a good buy for you or not.

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Reviewing the iBUYPOWER MEK3 LT keyboard

To access an external keyboard that if it is the best buy for you or not then there are following parameters that you should look for:


The MEK 3 LT keyboard has mechanical keys which is a sign that it will last longer than the other normal keyboards because the normal keyboards have rubber behind the keys whereas in the mechanical keyboards there are springs beneath the keys. The rubber parts usually break early as compared to the metal springs so in terms of durability this keyboard lasts a longer time if used with care. You can also get an idea of durability from the keys material as they are build-up quite nicely. Since it is a wired keyboard, and it has a braided cable that cannot be damaged easily and is easy to roll-up.

Design and Features

By looks it has a design of a typical external keyboard although there is a knob present at the extreme top right side of the keyboard which can be intriguing. Coming to the features it has RGB lights with a whole bunch of settings that you can customize by using the Gamdias Hera software provided with the product.

For resting of the wrist there is a pad provided which you can attach or detach according to your comfort and there is a key puller also provided in case you need to clean up your keyboard.This keyboard comes with a 256KB built-in memory that can be used to save your settings in it.

Compatibility and usage

The MEK 3LT is compatible with the computers having Windows or Linux operating system only but you need to install the drivers before getting started with this keyboard and there are no such connectivity issues. If we talk about the usage, the keys are surprisingly responsive and customize the backlights of the software has a user-friendly interface.

Moreover, there is a cable grove provided at the back of the keyboard in which you can tuck in the extra cable. Similarly, another contributor to the easy usage of the keyboard is its foldable feet with rubber padding that can incline the position of the keyboard making it easier to type.

Final thoughts on MEK 3LT keyboard by iBUYPOWER

Based on my review I have given some of the pluses and minuses of this keyboard that might help you in narrowing your search for a good external keyboard:


  • Aluminum body giving it a better look
  • All Rainbow colors available
  • Good quality wire insulation
  • Key puller is provided
  • Detachable wrist rest
  • User friendly software with a lot of customizable options


  • Incompatible with macOS
  • Quality issues with wrist rest


External keyboards are more likely to be favorable for the regular gamers or for the people who have to do a lot of typing. However, the market is filled with different types of brands that provide external keyboards but not all are either economical or reliable.

If you are looking for a medium range mechanical keyboard that is durable and economical then MEK 3LT can be the best buy for you as it has RGB lighting that you can customize, is comparatively durable and makes typing or gaming easy for longer periods of time.

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