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Whenever you create any document, it is considered very important to assign a proper title to it with which you can identify that document. Similarly, the web pages also have appropriate titles associated with them. These titles can be assigned to them by making use of the title tag of HTML. In this article, we will try to explore the working of this HTML tag. 

Significance of the Title Tag in HTML

We already mentioned in the introduction of this article that the title tag of HTML is used to assign the appropriate titles to the web pages. Therefore, we now explore the significance of this HTML tag. Whenever you assign a title to a web page, this title appears in your browser’s title bar from where you can switch between the multiple tabs. In this way, just by looking at the title of a particular tab, you will be able to know which tab you want to switch to. Also, whenever you add a web page to your favorites, you can access it from there by using its title since its title is saved in the favorites folder. Moreover, whenever you search for a web page using a search engine, its title always appears in the search results. This is exactly why it is so important to assign an appropriate title to your web pages. Now, let us learn to use the title tag in HTML.

How to Use the Title Tag in HTML

If you wish to use the title tag in HTML, you will have to refer to the following HTML script:

In this HTML script, we used the “head” tag to enclose our “title” tag even before the “body” tag of our HTML script. Within this title tag, we enclosed our desired title, i.e. HTML Title Tag. Then, we used the “body” tag to specify a random heading and a paragraph to be displayed on our web page.

When we executed this HTML script with the Google Chrome browser, the title specified within this script appeared on the title bar of our browser as highlighted in the following image:


In this article, we discussed about the usage of the title tag in HTML. We first shared the significance of this HTML tag to highlight how crucial it is to assign an appropriate title to your web pages. After that, we shared an HTML script that explained the usage of the title tag of HTML in detail. You can take a look at this article to understand the usage of this HTML tag well.

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