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HTML is a very versatile programming language that is used very extensively to create web pages. These web pages may be extremely rich in terms of content or might only contain very little content. HTML can cater to the needs of every kind of web page. It provides specialized tags for classifying textual data. In this guide, we will learn more about the section tag of HTML.

Purpose of the Section Tag in HTML

The section tag of HTML is used for dividing the textual data into different sections depending upon the requirements. It improves the overall readability of your text. This tag is especially helpful for content like articles, research papers, technical reports, etc., where you need to divide your whole content into multiple chunks. To learn how the section tag works in HTML, you will have to read through the example discussed below. 

How to use the Section Tag in HTML?

The section tag can be used very easily in HTML, and you can realize this by going through the following HTML script:

In this script, we wanted to use the section tag of HTML to separate two different sections, i.e., the Introduction and the Usage sections of an article. For that, we have simply used two section tags to enclose both the sections of this article before enclosing them within the paragraph tags.

We executed this HTML script with the Google Chrome browser, and our article appeared nicely divided into two different sections on the associated webpage, as shown in the image below:


This article provided a detailed explanation of the usage of the section tag in HTML. We first discussed the purpose of this tag to clarify all the ambiguities that you might have regarding its capabilities. After that, we mapped this discussion onto an actual example that demonstrated the workings of the section tag in HTML. Once you learn the usage of this tag, you will be able to present your content in a very nice manner on the web pages.

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