How to Use Discord With PS5

Discord is a communication platform similar to platforms like Skype or WhatsApp but based on its features it stands out among its competitors. Using Discord one can create their own servers and add people to it or can join different servers created by other people.

One of the main utilities that make Discord more popular is that it has created ease for gamers as they can chat with other players while playing games on audio or video call instead using the game server audio.

Moreover, gamers can share their scoreboards or gameplay videos on the server with other people as well. PlayStation 5 is the most popular gaming platform as they are specifically designed for playing games and gamers find it difficult in communicating with other players using the game server audio due to internet issues. So, if you are looking for a method to use your Discord account with PlayStation 5 then read this guide.

Linking your Discord Account with PS5 using your Phone or PC

Before trying any of the methods, you need to link your PS5 with your Discord account so that your friends can get an update of your activity. Just go through the following steps to link your PS5 account with Discord:

Step 1: Login to your Discord account on your computer and click on the “User Settings” icon:

Step 2: Next click on the “Connections” option from the list on the left and on the right, you will see the PlayStation logo on to the left click on it:

Step 3: Next it will require to enter your Sign-in ID or Email address of your PS5 account, so enter the same ID or Email address you are using on your console:

After entering the password for your account accept the terms and condition for linking the Discord account to your PlayStation account and you are good to go:

Important note: The process for linking the Discord with PS5 is quite easy and you can do it from your phone as well as from your computer as from both you have to follow the same steps.

Using Discord with PS5

Unfortunately, there is no web browser on PlayStation 5, and it doesn’t support the Discord App yet but there are rumors that Sony is trying to patch up with Discord for its users. However, there are still following ways by which you can use Discord with PS5:

  1. Using Discord on PS5 by Sending a Message on PlayStation App
  2. Using Discord on PS5 using PC and MixAmp

1: Using Discord on PS5 by Sending a Message on PlayStation App

To keep the PlayStation users connected with each other Sony has launched its party app that you can download on your cell phones. So, to use Discord on PS5 you need to have a PlayStation App on your phone which you can download from here and next follow the given steps below:

Step 1: Open your PlayStation party app and send “www.discord.com” link to a friend.

Step 2: Since you have logged in with your same account as that on the console the chat will be updated in your console as well. So, from your console click on this link and the web page will open:

Step 3: Next click on the Login:

Next enter your account details if you already have and account or go to the “Register” icon and create your account:

After logging into your account, you can use Discord on your PS5, but remember that you always need to be following all these steps every time you turn on your PS5.

2: Using Discord on PS5 via PC and MixAmp

The second way of using Discord on PS5 is by using a MixAmp device with your PC and PlayStation 5, just go through the below steps:

Step 1: First of all, connect your PlayStation 5 with the MixAmp device using the optical cable, next go to the “Sound and Screen” option in the settings menu of your PlayStation 5.

Step 2: After that open “Audio Output settings” and select either “Digital” or “Optical” from the Pop-up menu.

Step 3: Next use the USB Type-A to USB Type-A cable to connect the PC and your PS5, after that connect your headphones with the MixAmp. Once you have connected the headphone, now it’s time to connect the MixAmp to your computer into its audio jack.

Step 4: Go to the settings of your Discord and from the menu on the left select the “Voice & Video” option. On the right change the input device from default to “Built-in Microphone” and then set the output device from default to MixAmp, now you are good to go.

If you are interested in buying the MixAmp then click here to see the best MixAmp for an affordable price.

How to Fix PlayStation 5 Notifications not Working on Discord?

In any case you are unable to see your activity of PS5 on Discord then just go through the following steps:

Step 1: Go to your PS 5 account settings and click on the “Privacy Settings” from the list on the left.

Step 2: Click on the “Personal info | Messaging” tab on the right and from there select the “Anyone” option in the “Online Status and Now Playing”, next click on “Save” button and you are good to go:


Discord is the most popular communication app among gamers as you can share your gameplay, scoreboards, join different gaming groups and also can communicate with your friends in the game by audio or video call. Unfortunately PS5 does not support the Discord App, but there are still different ways to use Discord on your PS5 and I have explained them in a very detailed way in this guide.

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