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Roblox is a platform that has millions of users, and they are increasing significantly as this platform provides the opportunity for developing games as well. Finding a way to update Roblox? Then you are at the right place as I am going to explain how you can update the Roblox to enjoy an uninterrupted gaming experience.

Updating the Roblox

You can play Roblox games on different platforms like on your smartphone and on your PC. Similarly, there is no need to update the Roblox specifically as it updates automatically however there might be some bug that prevents Roblox from updating. So, in that case I have given the process of all of the above-mentioned platforms to update the Roblox:

Roblox not updating – What to do? (Windows/macOS)

There are two most used operating systems on the PC or laptop that are Windows and macOS, so I have given the steps for both operating systems.

i : How to update Roblox on Windows PC

If you are using your browser to play games on Roblox , then you need to do the following steps:

Step1: Clear your browser cache by going into your browser settings and then click on the “Privacy, search and services” and next click on “Choose what to clear” as in the image below:

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Once you have clicked on it a pop-up will open and from there select option of “Cached images and files” and next go to the clear icon to remove the images and cache files of your browser:

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I have given the method of clearing the cache of the Microsoft Edge but if you use the Google chrome then go to its settings. From there go to the “Privacy and Security” option and from there go to “Clear browsing data” and select the option “Cache images and files” and finally go to the “Clear data” icon to remove the browser’s cache:

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Step 2: Next delete the Roblox folder in the “Local” folder of your C drive as I have highlighted the path in the image below:

Step 3: After you have deleted the folder then remove the Roblox player from the control panel as in the image below:

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Once you have done it, restart your PC and login into your Roblox account and click on the game you want to play by Downloading the Roblox player.

Another way of using the Roblox platform for gaming is using the Microsoft store of Windows which does not require a special Roblox player as it runs the games by itself.

So, to keep your Roblox updated reinstall the Roblox application, you can uninstall the Roblox app in the Apps & features menu in the Windows settings as in the image below:

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Once you have uninstalled the Roblox restart your PC and then again install the application from Microsoft store, also you can check for updates of your Roblox app in the Microsoft store by clicking on the “Get updates” icon as in the image below:

ii : How to update Roblox on macOS

You can perform the similar process of clearing the cache of your browser and next delete the Roblox Player by going to the Applications directory in the Finder. From there right click on the Roblox player and select the “Move to Trash” icon as in the image below:

Next restart your PC and login to your Roblox account, next download the Roblox player again to enjoy bug free gameplay experience.

Process for updating Roblox on a smartphone

If you are an Android user or iOS user, you can update your Roblox App from your respective app stores and to avoid any hindrance in updating give permission to your app store to auto-update the Roblox app.


Sometimes games on the Roblox player do not run right, or you might find the player not functioning correctly; in such situations the Roblox Player can be buggy that needs an update. To serve that purpose I have explained some tips that can help you to keep your Roblox player and games up to date for every platform you are using either PC or smartphone.

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