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How to Turn on Bluetooth on Windows 11/10 [Solved]

Bluetooth” connects devices wirelessly, but both devices need Bluetooth features. Using it, you can send files from one device to another or play songs from your mobile devices. Bluetooth comes built-in with laptops and mobiles, but in case of having a PC, you might have to buy a small adapter-type device to use Bluetooth on it. More specifically, we can turn on Bluetooth through the “Settings” utility or the “Quick Actions Center”.

In this write-up, we will discuss two different methods to turn on Bluetooth on Windows 10/11.

How to Turn Bluetooth On in Windows 11/10?

To turn the Bluetooth, feature on in Windows 11/10, try the following fixes:

Method 1: Turning on Bluetooth Using Settings

Turn on Bluetooth from the Settings utility by going through the process defined in the steps below.

Step 1: Launch Settings

Push the “Windows+I” key to go to System Settings:

Step 2: Choose Devices

Re-direct to the “Devices” category:

Step 3: Go to Bluetooth Settings

Choose “Bluetooth & other devices” as shown below:

Step 4: Turn on Bluetooth

Toggle “ON” the “Bluetooth” button:

Method 2: Turning on Bluetooth Using Quick Actions

Press “Windows+A” to open the “Action Center” and turn on “Bluetooth” by clicking on it:

As a result, the Bluetooth will be turned on.


We can turn on Bluetooth on Windows 11/10 by following two different methods. These methods are turning on Bluetooth by using settings or turning on Bluetooth through quick actions. In this article, we saw how we could turn on the Bluetooth feature on Windows 10 and 11 in a detailed step-by-step guide with supporting screenshots.

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