How to Tame a Pig in Minecraft

We have seen pigs many times in Minecraft. Like all animals, pigs also like to roam. Pigs are one of the oldest passive mobs in Minecraft, which is why they don’t attack players even when provoked. Attracting and taming pigs toward us is quite different from other animals. Taming a pig in Minecraft is the same as taming a sheep or cow.

What Is Taming in Minecraft?

Taming is the process by which a wild animal becomes friendly to its owner. Taming in Minecraft is very helpful for us. With the help of those animals, we can solve many of our objectives. Different animals come to our work in the game in different ways.

Why You Should Tame Pigs

  • Once we have tamed the pigs and they start following us, we can make piglets.
  • Pigs are used to make pork chops.
  • He restores three hunger points by dropping raw pork chops and eight hunger points by dropping cooked pork chop when killing pigs.
  • Taming the pigs increases the entertainment of the players and provides a good food source.

How to Tame a Pig in Minecraft?

Taming pigs in Minecraft helps in setting up a pig farm.

To tame a pig, we mainly need a place to keep it and a supply of carrots. You can follow this article for what you have to do to tame pigs.

Here are the proper steps of taming pigs:

First, we have to collect the carrots to tame the pigs. We can find carrots in a variety of places. Players can also get carrots that are already growing from several garden plots in the village. We can also get carrots from zombies by killing them, but the chances are less than 1%.

We can also grow extra carrots by burying them in the ground. For this, we have to find land next to the water and then right-click the area and cultivate it with the help of a spade and prepare carrots. We have to wait for 1-2 days. In Minecraft time, 1 hour equals 50 seconds of the real-time for the carrot to grow completely. To harvest the grown carrots, click on it with a hoe equipment.

After this, we approach a pig by holding the carrot in hand. By doing this, a pig will start chasing us. The pig will keep chasing as long as we have carrots in our hands:

While the pig chases us, we must lead it to an enclosed place. This enclosed space can be a special pen or a building which we can make using a gate and wooden fence:

Once the pig enters your enclosure, close the gate immediately. By doing this, the pig will be in our control, and we will have a pet pig.


By taming pigs, we can solve many objectives in Minecraft. In this article, we explained how to tame a pig in Minecraft. It is possible to do this work properly but make sure you follow every step provided in this article. You can also tame sheep and cows to create the farms accordingly, so ensure you read those guides as well. We hope you found this article helpful. Check out more Linux Hint articles for tips and tutorials.

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