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How to Resolve Windows Update Problems

In every operating system, the user wants to use the latest provided features, which are only made available through updates. The same is true with Microsoft Windows Operating system users, but a few issues can be faced that prevent the update from downloading/installing, thereby halting the update process. What are these issues? Why do they occur? How to fix them? Let’s discuss them all.

This guide addresses the Windows update problems and fixes the errors, and here is what you will learn in this write-up:

Understanding the Windows Update Problems

While installing Windows updates, you must have encountered an error saying, “Something went wrong”, or seen the error code “0x8024402F”. These errors can be caused due to several aspects, including the following:

  • Poor internet.
  • An issue with the Windows update service.
  • Not enough storage space to install Windows update.
  • When an Antivirus interferes with Windows update.
  • When a firewall is blocking the update process.

When a firewall is blocking the update process.

Resolving the Windows Update Problems

Before moving on to resolving the Windows update problems, ensure that you have enough disk space, a stable internet connection, and, last but not least, supported hardware.

Before doing anything, it is highly recommended to run the “Windows Update Troubleshooter” by pressing the “Windows + I” keys, selecting “Update & Security”, and finally, opening the “Troubleshoot” tab. In this tab, trigger the highlighted button to execute the troubleshooter:

This will probably solve your problems, and if it doesn’t, try the following fixes:

How to Fix the Windows Update Error “0x8024402F”?

The error “0x8024402F” is usually caused due to a poor/unstable internet connection, so ensure that you are connected to the internet and run a network troubleshooter by entering “troubleshoot network” in the start menu and open it:

Here, click on “Next” to start the troubleshooting:

Now, wait for it to finish, and it will automatically fix the errors with the network.

How to Resolve the Windows Update Error “0x80070422”?

When the “Windows Update Service” is not functioning properly, the error “0x80070422” comes up. To fix it, you must follow the following steps:

Step 1: Open “Administrative Tools”
Press the “Windows” key, enter “Windows Administrative Tools” and navigate to it:

Step 2: Open “Services”
From the “Administrative Tools” window, find “Services”, and open it:

Step 3: Open “Windows Update” Service
From the following “Services” window, scroll down, find “Windows Update”. Here, you can see that its “Startup type” is currently set to “Manual”. We need to set it to “Automatic”, so right-click on it and select “Properties”:

Now, choose the “Startup type” as “Automatic”:

The “Windows Update Service” will automatically start when the system is booted, which fixes the error “0x80070422”.

How to Resolve the Windows Update Error “0x8007000d”?

The error “0x8007000d” is caused when the system is not having sufficient disk space to install the latest update. To free up the space, press the “Windows” key and enter “Storage settings”:

From the following window, check what is consuming the space on the disk, and remove/uninstall the programs which are not required accordingly:

Once done, reboot the system if the system’s update is stuck, and it will restart/resume the progress, which will be completed if there’s enough disk space available. In some cases, the error “0x8007000d” is caused by corrupt files. To fix them, open the “Command Prompt” from the start menu and enter this command:

sfc /scannow

How to Resolve the Windows Update Error “0x80248014”?

Some third-party antivirus software can interrupt the update process. To resume installing the updates, users must disable their antivirus software’s “Real-Time Protection” and enable it once the update is installed because it may leave your system vulnerable to threats:

This antivirus software automatically quarantines suspicious files and you don’t know what to do when you cannot install the updates even after disabling the antivirus. It can be fixed by deleting the contents of the “Download” folder in “C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution”:

Once done, retry, and it should start downloading the Windows Updates.

How to Resolve the Windows Update Error “0x8024402c”?

When a firewall blocks the installation of “Windows Update”, the error “0x8024402c” is caused. To fix it, users must disable and enable the firewall once the update is installed. To disable the firewall, press the “windows” button and enter “check firewall status”:

From the following window, select “Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off”:

Now disable the firewall, and retry installing the updates:


The “Windows Update” can be halted due to several reasons, and most of them are represented using an error code such as “0x8024402F”, “0x80070422”,”0x80070070”, “0x8007000d”, “0x8024402c”. The most obvious fix for the “Windows Update” error would be running the “Windows Update Troubleshooter”. But for some issues, such as low disk storage, internet connection, and “Windows Update Service” issues, users must help themselves. This guide solves the Windows update problems.

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