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How to Resolve Windows Update Errors Using DISM or System Update Readiness tool

Windows Update plays a critical role in keeping your system secure and updated with the latest OS updates. However, these errors during the update process are incredibly frustrating. Fortunately, Microsoft provides two powerful tools to address the Windows Update errors: “Deployment Image Servicing and Management DISM)” and the “System Update Readiness tool”.

This guide resolves the “Windows Update” errors using “DISM” or “System Update Readiness tool” by covering the following aspects:

How to Use “DISM” to Fix the Windows Update Issues?

The “DISM” or “Deployment Image Servicing and Management” is a command-line tool designed to repair and maintain Windows images, including the operating system files. It also resolves most of the Windows update errors, such as “0x80073712” which is caused by corrupt files. To use “DISM” to resolve the errors that occur during the Windows update, follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch the Command Prompt as an Administrator

The “Command Prompt” or CLI” enables the users to manage their systems using the commands. To launch it and execute the “DISM” command, press the “Windows” key and enter “CMD” or “Command Prompt”. While ensuring to run it as an “Administrator”:

Step 2: Run “DISM.exe”

The “DISM.exe” is an important tool for Windows Update found in all versions starting from Windows 7. To learn more regarding this command, enter “DISM.exe” in the “Command Prompt”:


Step 3: Perform a System Repair Using the “DISM” Tool

Now, enter the following command to trigger the system repair using the “DISM” tool and give it some time to complete the process:

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

After the process finishes, run the Windows Update. If the errors related to Windows Update are still there, try the “System Update Readiness tool”.

How to Use the “System Update Readiness” Tool and Resolve Windows Update Issues?

The “System Update Readiness” or “CHECKSUR” tool is another command-line utility provided by Microsoft to fix “Windows Update” errors. It scans the system for the corrupt and repairs them. It is supported by “Windows 7” and “Server 2008” only.

You can download it from the official page:

Now follow the following steps to solve the Windows Update issues:

  1. Launch the “System Update Readiness Tool” from the installed location, right-click on the tool, and select “Run as administrator” to open it with administrative privileges.
  2. Upon launch, the tool will start scanning your system for inconsistencies and corruption and may take up to 15 minutes. Once the scanning is finished, the tool will display the scan results, provide details about any found errors and fix them automatically.


Users can diagnose and repair errors that hinder the Windows update process by utilizing “DISM” or the “System Update Readiness” tools. These utilities offer effective solutions to fix inconsistencies that cause “Windows update” errors. The “System Update Readiness” tool is to be used with the older Windows versions while the “DISM” is for the newer versions. This guide explained the use of “DISM” and “System Update Readiness” tools to fix Windows update errors.

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