How to Refresh Discord

Discord is a well-known online interaction forum that is specially developed for gamers where they communicate with family and friends while playing games and live streaming. It is enriched with numerous advanced features that its users utilize. However, sometimes, you may find Discord not working perfectly, or it does not open in your system. In such cases, users need to refresh the Discord application.

This guide will discuss the procedure for refreshing the Discord application. Let’s get started!

How to Refresh Discord?

While using Discord, if you are facing issues such as the mic not working properly, channel freezing, not receiving direct messages sent by your friends, or online status not updated automatically, then you need to try to refresh the Discord application as a generic solution.

You can refresh Discord:

  • By using Discord hotkey (Ctrl+R)  
  • By clearing cache and restarting the Discord Application   

Let’s try it out one by one.

Method 1: Refresh Discord Using Discord Hotkey (Ctrl+R)

To refresh the Discord account, press the “Ctrl + R” hotkey. This hotkey will refresh the whole application at once. After pressing the hotkey, the Discord application will display a blank screen, which can be seen in the below image. So, wait for a few seconds, and then start using the Discord application:

If the above method does not work properly, move to the next section to solve the specified problem.

Method 2: Refresh Discord by Clearing Cache and Restarting Application

Restarting the Discord application and clearing cache files is another way to refresh it. Follow the below instructions to do so.

Step 1: Open Windows Search

First, exit the Discord application and press the “Win + S” keys to open the Windows search utility. After that, type the “%appdata%” in the “Open” search bar field and click on the “OK” button:

Step 2: Find the “discord” Folder

Search the “discord” folder from the appeared “Roaming” folder and hit on it. This operation will store all of the generated files used by the Discord application:

Step 3: Deleting Subfolders

Press “Ctrl + A” to select all subfolders of the “discord” folder and hit the “Delete” button to delete everything:

Step 4: Launch Discord

Now, search and open the “Discord” application using the “Startup” menu:

Enter your email and password in the fields and click on the “Login” button to open it:

That’s all! We have offered different methods to refresh the Discord application.


To refresh Discord, use the “Ctrl + R” hotkey or refresh the Discord by restarting and clearing the cache. For the second approach, open the Windows search utility and type “%appdata%” to open the “discord” folder, select all of its subfolders, press the “Delete” key, and log in to Discord. This guide demonstrated the method to refresh the Discord application using the mentioned hotkey and clearing cache files.

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