How to practice JavaScript

Javascript is the most commonly known programming language that has been in the market of technology for almost two decades now. Sometimes, it is better to know when something was created to know the dominance it holds over the current day IT market. Well, Javascript was created in 1995, but it wasn’t released in 1995. In early 1996, JavaScript was released to the market. At that time, in 1996, Javascript wasn’t called “JavaScript”, it was called “LiveScript”, and by the end of 1999, it reached some popularity. But, two decades later, it is the most searched programming language at the end of the year 2020 according to google. You can visit their official website here.

JavaScript had no concept of input\output, as it was not a normal programming language, it was created to be a “Scripting Language”, a language only capable of running various scripts.

Despite how it started, JavaScript is now a globally used language that has almost everything in it. If there is something that JavaScript is lacking, there is either a package of JS that is completing that void or the package is under development. According to wiki: around 97% of the websites available on the internet use Javascript in some form. You can read more about JS on the wiki by clicking here.

Why do you need to practice JavaScript?

If you are starting to learn how to become a programmer or if you are already familiar with what programming is, you would know JavaScript, as again, it is the most commonly used and the most popular programming language of the current day market. And if your dream is to have a source of income from being a programmer, then learning JavaScript can be called a “crucial” step.

To answer the question – “Why do you need to practice JavaScript?” – To put it simply, even if you are starting your programming journey with JavaScript or even if you are already a JavaScript pro, you have to keep practicing or else you will lose the touch.

New to JavaScript?

Now, if you are new to JavaScript, or even new to programming, then you might be wondering how to get started with JavaScript because if you google javascript it will show you a million search results, and that is overwhelming.

You can get started with JavaScript, by going to linuxhint’s extensive library of articles on javascript, by clicking here,

and if there is anything that you want to know about, which belongs to JavaScript in general you can always check out the official docs at the Mozilla developer network web docs (or MDN Web Docs)

MDN Web Docs

Also, you might want to get these things set up.:

  • Online Editor \ Browser’s console: If you are just starting out then use online code editors
  • Set up a code editor: You need to set a code editor, the most commonly used is Visual Studio Code
  • Choosing a browser (compatible with latest JS)

Already familiar with JavaScript?

Do you already have a keen understanding of JavaScript?, and you are wondering how to stay in touch with JavaScript or to become a better programmer in general.

If that is your case, then you should focus on certain programming concepts and practices, which will help you grow as a programmer when working as a full-time developer at a professional firm. These concepts and practices include the following:

  • OOP: By far the most widely used programming concept is Object-Oriented Programming, read more information about JavaScript and OOP. The concepts of classes, objects, objects accessors are really important to grow as a programmer.
  • Following a Convention: Convention is not a hard and fast rule, but, they are more like programming guidelines to write a similar style of code.
  • Single Responsibility Classes: “A single class should have one and only one reason to change”, what this means is that a class should perform only one responsibility at max.
  • Start Documenting Your Code: Documenting your code is considered to be the most crucial step while working in an international-level software firm. So, start putting up documentation with almost every important block of code.

How to become a pro in JavaScript

Well, the only real way to become a pro in JS is to build projects. Building projects may seem daunting at first, but think about it this way, if you are facing any issue, then why don’t you come up with a solution with the software of your own rather than downloading software from the internet. This type of approach will also fill up your head with a lot of ideas to implement – because the hardest thing to do for a programmer is to think of ideas to implement.

Keep in mind, when developing newer projects, you need to utilize more and more packages and functions in JavaScript to get a good grasp on them. You can learn something new about JavaScript from here.

Also, there is also one fact that you can never argue with, and that fact is “No one is perfect”, and if no one is perfect then how can their code be perfect as well. So, one really good practice to become a pro at JavaScript is to revisit your old code and be very critical of it. And, once you notice your silly mistakes, then improve that code.

One major step, for being up-to-date with new packages for JavaScript or even new features of JavaScript itself, is to join JavaScript communities, Join discord servers, and by taking part in JavaScript forums.

Explore Frameworks

JavaScript is famous for one thing and that is Frameworks, they are available for almost every problem. You want to develop a mobile app – well, good news for you, there is a JS framework for mobile development too. Or maybe, you want to develop a server-side application for some web-app for mobile, well… what do you think? , there is a framework available for that.

So, explore more and more frameworks, and choose the field that you want to jump into. It can be web-app development, perhaps only iOS development, or even server-side development. Once you know, which field do you want to conquer, then you can bee-line your focus on only those frameworks that help you become a pro in that specific field.


Everyone interested in learning programming, or even expert programmers, want to stay up-to-date with modern-day technologies, which would be JavaScript at the time of writing. Well, you should always practice something to either develop an understanding about it or to become a pro in it. And, that is exactly, what we went through with – how to practice JavaScript, regardless of your skill level. We covered things like what to do if you are new to JS. Or, how to keep improving as a programmer, and how to adopt practices that are used in major programming firms.

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