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How to go to Line X in Nano?

There are two different methods of going to line X in the nano editor which we will discuss one by one over here.

Note: Both of these solutions have been tested with Ubuntu 20.04.

Method # 1:

This method is useful when you do not have the file open in front of you at the moment. However, you still want to jump to a particular line as soon as you open that file with the nano editor. You can do this simply by typing the following command in your terminal:

sudo nano +LineNumber Testing.txt

Replace LineNumber with the exact line number where you want to jump.

When you will run the above-mentioned command, the specified file will open with the nano editor and the cursor will be pointing towards the line that you have specified as you can witness from the image shown below:

Method # 2:

This method is useful when the file has already been opened with the nano editor. You just have to press Ctrl+ Shift+ – key combination. After pressing it, you will notice that the nano editor asks you to enter a line number of your choice to which you want to jump. Provide the desired line number and then press the Enter key:

Once you will hit the Enter key, your cursor will immediately start point to the beginning of the line that you have just specified.

In this way, you can jump to any particular line in a file while using the nano editor. These solutions are especially helpful if you are working with very huge files in which it is difficult to manually traverse from one line to another. You can simply specify the desired line number and you will be right there at the desired line by using any of these methods.

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