How to find villages in Minecraft

The expansive world of Minecraft consists of many randomly generated structures that include Villages, Desert Temples, Jungle Temples, Mineshafts, and Woodland Mansions which all contain loot that help early in the game as well as late in your world.

In today’s guide, I will discuss finding villages, mainly where and how to find the structure and why they are important, so follow along and I’ll show you how important villages are.

Why are Villages Important

Villages are important because of the trading system they introduce to the player. The addition of Villages in Update 0.9 allowed for players to trade items for a variety of items like food, enchantments, armor, tools, and more. The main currency for trading in the Villages are emeralds which can be found by mining in Extreme Hills Biomes or through chests in ruins, igloos, villages, shipwrecks, jungles temples, and desert temples.

Villages contain different mobs that can be interacted with once in range. The Iron Golem and Villagers being the main ones while Pillagers can also be found during raids.

Where to mine emeralds

Emeralds are most commonly found in Mountain, Frozen Peak, and Windswept Hills Biomes and can be found between the y-levels of -16 to 320. The Emerald Ore block is most commonly found at y-level 256.


Villagers a very useful mob in Minecraft because of their ability to trade with the player. There are many different villagers each with their own profession, all with different items they offer:

  • Armorer – Offers Armor
  • Butcher – Offers Emeralds and Cooked Meat
  • Cartographer – Offers Maps and Banner Patterns
  • Cleric – Offers Magic Items
  • Farmer – Offers Food
  • Fisherman – Offers Fish and Fishing Rods
  • Fletcher – Offers Bows and Arrows
  • Leatherworker – Offers Leather Armor and Saddles
  • Librarian – Offers Enchanted Books and Nametags
  • Mason – Offers Cut Blocks and Bricks
  • Nitwit – Offer Nothing
  • Shepherd – Offers Wool and Paintings
  • Toolsmith – Offers Tools
  • Unemployed – Offers Nothing but can be employed
  • Weaponsmith – Offers Axes and Swords

The Iron Golem

Although the Iron Golem can be considered a passive mob, this entity can also be considered neutral or hostile towards the player. Naturally spawned Iron Golem appear in villages and are neutral to players until the player does damage to either the Golem or the Villagers.

Iron Golems can be very useful to players in the early stages of the game as their death can drop between 3 to 5 iron ingots as well as poppies. Although the loot can be very lucrative it is very difficult to kill Iron Golem if you are unprepared. The best way to kill an Iron Golem is to stand on top of 3-block high pillar and then hit the Iron Golem. After your first hit, the Iron Golem will become hostile and can do a lot of damage if they manage to land a hit on you.

A 3-block pillar to defeat Iron Golem

A 3-block pillar next to an Iron Golem

How to find a Village

There are two main methods to find villages in Minecraft. The two methods are:

  1. Using the command /locate village to get the coordinates of the closest village. (This will only work with cheats on)
  2. Manually travelling your loaded world looking for naturally-generated structures, or paths.

Using the /locate village command

The /locate village command is the fastest way to find a village in your world although you will need to enable cheats in your world to have access to the command.

Enabling cheats in your world will disable achievements therefore invalidating the legitimacy of your survival world. Enabling cheats in your world is irreversible and you should think long and hard before invalidating your world.

Manually travelling your loaded world

The second more sophisticated options manually travelling your world is the better option for finding a village in your world. A player must walk their world, travel the great plains until they run across the generated structures of a village, or the paths of a village. Another viable option is for the player to walk their world with unused maps and creating them every chunk until you can spot a village on the corner of the map.

Map with Village on it

Minecraft Map with Village


In conclusion, there are not many methods of finding villages in Minecraft, but the two methods are very distinctive. Enabling cheats in your world which invalidates the worlds progress or manually travelling your world to find the village itself. Once you do find the village it can help expand your riches and your progress in your world through the variety of items offered by the Villagers.

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