How to Avoid Costing Extra Money While Using AWS EC2

Every AWS account holder wants to keep the AWS costs as low as possible whether they are using any of the AWS services. AWS EC2 service is no exception. Companies using AWS cloud services do keep an eye on the utilization of services and make strategies to achieve high business objectives at the lowest possible costs. EC2 is one of the core AWS services and is used almost in every other business relying on AWS cloud today.

There are many ways and tricks that AWS users can follow to avoid extra charges while using the AWS EC2 service. This article will cover the most useful methods to keep AWS costs as low as possible while using EC2 service.

Stop the Useless Instances

Sometimes, the user ignores the running instances, which costs extra money because the instances are in the running state despite not being used. So, keeping the EC2 instances active even when they are not being used is one of the reasons for incurring extra AWS charges. Terminating the useless instances and stopping the instances that are not currently being used but are required in the future is a good practice to avoid extra AWS costs.

Change the Region

Changing the region while using the AWS EC2 service is a smart way to reduce the cost. This method is not recommended for all AWS services because some services are unavailable in all regions. But luckily, the EC2 service being a core AWS service, is available for all the regions. Users can switch between the regions costing higher to those costing lower while using the AWS EC2.

This is done after proper research through AWS CloudWatch to know which regions cost the least. Usually, US Regions, North Virginia, and Oregon are considered the cheapest region with respect to AWS costs.

Change the Instance Family

Changing the instance family can also reduce the EC2 costs, as some of the instances are used for applications with very low traffic, and it is recommended to declare the storage no greater than required. For instance, T-family instances provide less storage than other families but are known to be the most used instances because of their low costs.

Choose the Correct Operating System

There is a connection between the operating system and the active EC2 instances. Different operating systems cost AWS bills differently. Windows is known to cost greater than some other operating systems like Linux. Using an operating system that costs less is a better measure of saving money.

Upgrade the Instances

As per the evolution in technology, along with other services, AWS also keeps upgrading the instance types and families. The newer instances are much more reliable and pocket friendly as compared to the older ones. The users can easily switch between the instances according to their convenience.

Use Auto-Scaling

The auto-scaling feature of AWS is one of the most useful methods of cost savings. It automates the process of scaling or activating the instances that are required for use. It is most useful for platforms that require a different number of instances to be active at different intervals of time. For instance, there is an application that requires two active instances currently but requires only one at the next interval.

Use EC2 Saving Plans

AWS provides the facility of using saving plans for EC2 service that lets the users save up to 72% after committing to use an instance family within the same region for a specified period of time. The user can switch between the instances staying within the same instance family. For instance, the user who has committed using the T-family instances can switch from t2.micro to t3.micro or any other instance of that family.

Mentioned above are some of the most useful suggestions to avoid costing extra ec2 money.


Everyone using AWS tries to keep the AWS bills as low as possible. There are many ways to keep the costs low while using the EC2 services of AWS, like using the EC2 saving plans, autoscaling, updating the instance type and family, changing the region, and some measurements like stopping and terminating the instances that are not being used.

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