How Does Smart Viewing Work in Samsung?

It enables you to simultaneously watch content from your phone to your TV so it’s like watching on a big screen. You can also make phone calls without interrupting what is on the TV.  It can be done using smart viewing. Samsung Smart View app allows you to enjoy your mobile content such as videos, photos, and web pages on the big screen of your TV. Apart from that, it also offers a “Smart Share” function which makes it possible for you to share the content from your smartphone with family or friends in another room using a Smart View enabled TV. It also enables you to use your phone as a remote control, so you can change TV channels, adjust volume, and switch between devices.

What is Samsung’s Smart View Features?

It comes with many features to make the experience for its customers as easy and comfortable as possible. These main features are listed below:

TV remote control:

You won’t need a remote control while using smart view. Samsung allows you to control your smart TV from the comfort of your mobile phone.

Content playing from your mobile:

The whole purpose of Smart viewing is to project and display your contents from your phone for a better experience. The types of content that you can show are images, audio, and video files.


This is a more recent update that will allow its users to create their playlists comprised of content that they favor. They will be stored in one place for them to access easily.

Content from Laptops:

If you think that only your smartphones work with smart views, you are most definitely wrong. You can add content from your PC directly to your smart TV. They can be folders or even videos along with their subtitles extension files. Mirroring:

You can mirror the contents of your phone to your smart TV. It is an easy process which allows you to mirror anything without any difficulties.

How to Use Smart View?

Step 1: Connect your Samsung device and your Smart TV to the same network

To use the Smart View function, you are required to connect your Samsung devices and your Smart TV to the same network. You can use either Wi-Fi or LAN cable to do this.

Step 2: Download the Samsung Smart View App

You can download the Smart View App from your Samsung smartphone by going to any downloading platform.

Step 3: Open the App on your Smart TV

After downloading the App, launch the app on your Smart TV. You can open the app by launching a new menu option “Smart View”. It will be displayed in a tab on your Smart TV after you open the app. It will be different depending on what type of Smart TV you have.

Step 4: Select your Content

Once you open the app, you will see your phone’s screen in a small window on your Smart TV. To view the content that you want on the Smart TV screen, press the source button on your Samsung remote. Then select “Smart View”. The content will appear on the Smart TV screen.

Step 5: Play Content on TV

You can play or pause your content by pressing the OK or Play/Pause button on your remote control. While you are playing a video, you can also use previous and next commands to switch between videos or pictures. You can also swipe up or down to adjust the volume.

If you want to access the app on your smart device, press the back key on your Samsung remote. You can also exit the app when you are finished using it by pressing the Exit button on your Samsung remote.

Optimum Use Case of Smart View:

You can decrease screen glare by lowering the brightness level of your phone. Disabling auto brightness will also be helpful. You can set up your content in a tab. This way, all of your tabs are accessible when you swipe left or right on a tab bar at the bottom of your screen.

The content that is being displayed in a tab should not be too long to be able to read when transferred to a larger TV screen. You can use the “split-screen” feature to view contents simultaneously on both screens. You should keep it simple by using the functions one hand at a time.

Does Samsung Smart View work without Wi-Fi?


It does work without Wi-Fi. It’s just that, to make it work, you will have to be connected to the Internet via LAN cable. But it works just as well when you are connected to the Wi-Fi.

What are the advantages of using Smart View?

More than half of the world use smartphones. Smart View provides you with another way to view your smartphone content on a larger screen, without having to pay for extra cable or a smart TV.

Smart View also works as an excellent tool for viewing vacation photos and videos from your phone. It is also helpful when you are trying to share files with a friend or family member who doesn’t have an internet connection.

You can give them access to a video or photo through Smart View without any issues and without having to send them the original file. It can be carried out by transferring through Bluetooth or transfer through LAN cable based on your preference for each device configuration.

Samsung Smart View can be used to view photos, share media and documents, or show your presentations on the big screen.

  • Documents: You can view your work files on a larger screen while you are working.
  • Music Sharing: You can listen to music with headphones while viewing a playlist on the TV screen.
  • Photos/videos: All of your best vacation photos and videos are now right at your fingertips for family and friends to enjoy.
  • Presentations: This is an excellent tool for saving time in meetings by turning in a presentation before you arrive so that everyone is ready to go when you get there. You can use Smart View without pairing your smartphone.

However, if you want to view content stored on the smartphone and share content with other devices, pairing the device is required.

If you want to view your phone’s screen on a larger screen in your house, then this is an excellent solution.

What are the limitations of Samsung Smart View?

Samsung has not put any limitations on Smart View and all different smartphones can be used. But the only limitation is that the smartphone should have enough internal storage (at least 4GB) to store all your content.

There is no stress on the smartphone to have high-end specs because the content that is being shown will be compressed. Therefore, your phone should not experience any slow down during watching or playing through Smart View.

Functions in Smart View:

  • Clone View: You can view your original content on the TV display.
  • Mirror: You can mirror the contents of your phone on the big screen. You can even adjust the settings of Samsung Smart View.
  • Playlist: The playlist feature allows you to create playlists and add content to them. You can even remove unwanted contacts from your phone and put them in separate playlists that contain only contact that you deem important. The playlist may also be used to show family or friends who have smartphones their matters in one place.
  • Split Screen: This feature allows you to view content on both screens simultaneously. It is another simple and easy way to watch content by using one hand.
  • Smart View App: You can download this app from your phone and on the TV. The app will be used to access all the contents on your phone.

How do you know that Smart View is working?

Well, when you are viewing a video on your phone and then switch over to your smart TV, you will notice that your phone’s display is still being rendered on the TV display. It is a proof that Smart View is working.

When this happens, you are free to go back to your original content by pressing the home button on your Samsung remote or swiping up on the touchscreen.

Why doesn’t my Samsung have a Smart view?

Your Samsung should have the feature, but it’s up to the individual manufacturer to make it available for your device. So always check to see if your model has it before investing in it.

Samsung Smart Viewing is only compatible with all Samsung branded devices that are capable of running the app and carrying the required hardware to playback content.

What are the devices that support smart view?

Samsung Smart View works with all of Samsung’s smartphones and tablets running on Android 4.1 or later and iOS 7.0 and above.

For Personal Computer, the requirements or the version that supports Smart view are:

  • OS version: Windows 7 and above
  • RAM: It is recommended to have 2GB at least.
  • HDD: You should have 2GB at least for your PC.
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce or AMD Radeon.
  • Monitor: Screen size 1366×768 and above.


Samsung Smart View is an affordable and helpful tool for the smartphone generation. It allows the user to watch content on a larger screen, and it’s also useful for those with a limited internet connection or those who do not have an Internet connection at all.

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