Install Hiri Email Client on Ubuntu

Hiri is a popular email client that integrates the calendar, filters the email, and manages the task. It is written in Python and allows us to connect to Office 365, Exchange, Hotmail, Outlook, and Live accounts. Hiri is not free to use; however, you can enjoy 7 days trial period. Once the trial period is expired, you need to buy the Hiri subscription to keep using it.

The Hiri email client can be installed on Ubuntu 20 via Snap using the terminal, tarball, and Ubuntu Software Center. As of preparing this post, the latest version of Hiri is

Install Hiri on Ubuntu 20.04 via Snap

It is the best and the recommend method to install Hiri on Ubuntu 20.04. Snap is an application package manager for all popular Linux distributions. The Ubuntu 20.04 comes with Snap by default. Type the given-below command to install Hiri via Snap:

$ sudo snap install hiri

Install Hiri on Ubuntu 20.04 from the tarball

Though it is not the recommended method to use Hiri, it can be used in specific scenarios.

Visit the Hiri official website ( and download the Hiri tarball.

The Hiri tarball will be downloaded in the ‘Downloads’ directory.

Next, navigate to the ‘Downloads’ directory and extract the tarball using commands:

cd Downloads

tar -xvf Hiri.tar.gz

Launch the Hiri email client as follows:

cd hiri

$ ./

The Hiri email client will be launched successfully.

Install Hiri on Ubuntu 20.04 using Ubuntu Software center

Hiri snap application is also available through the Ubuntu Software Center. If you are interested in installing the Hiri email client using the graphical user interface (GUI), use it. Open the Application Menu, search for Ubuntu Software Center and open it.

Search for Hiri email client.

Click on the Hiri application and press ‘Install’ to start the installation.

The Hiri email client will be installed.

Launch and use Hiri

Launch Hiri from Application Menu or terminal as follows:

$ hiri

The Hiri email client does not support Gmail and Yahoo accounts. Enter the exchange or Office365 address.

The Hiri email client will be ready to use.

Wrapping Up

Hiri could be the best email client for you if you use Exchange or Office 365 accounts. The latest version of Hiri can be installed on Ubuntu 20.04 via Snap, tarball, and Ubuntu Software Center.

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