A Complete Guide to Install Security Updates on Ubuntu 22.04

The security update of a Ubuntu system is one of the essential tasks which every one needs to ensure from time to time. However, it’s become a real challenge for the users to keep track of security updates all the time. There are several methods that will overcome the issue of keeping a check on your system security as these methods will allow you to install latest features and security updates at run time.

In this tutorial, we will provide you  several methods to install security updates in Ubuntu 22.04.

How to Install Security Updates in Ubuntu 22.04

There are usually two methods that will help you install the security updates in Ubuntu 22.04.

  • Install Security Updates using Command-Line Terminal
  • Install Security Updates using Ubuntu Software Center

Both these methods will be crucial in installing the latest security updates Ubuntu 22.04. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Method 1: Install Security Updates using Command-Line Terminal

One of the most important steps to install the security updates via terminal is done using the update and upgrade commands. These commands allow you to check the packages and software updates on Ubuntu, making it easier for you to install and update the package list with the latest security updates.

To update the packages on your system, issue the following command in the terminal.

$ sudo apt update

If you see some packages need to be upgraded then you will need to use the following command.

$ sudo apt upgrade

Type “Y” to upgrade the packages.

Also, if you wish to find the packages that are required to be upgraded, you can run the following command.

$ apt list --upgradable

You can also run the “full-upgrade” command to fully upgrade the packages on your system. This command is different from the “upgrade” command as it removes the previous package from the system and installs the latest.

$ sudo apt full-upgrade

You can also replace “full-upgrade” command with “dis-upgrade” if you want as both will perform the similar function thus helping you in installing the security updates on your system.

$ sudo apt dist-upgrade

Method 2: Install Security Updates Via Ubuntu Software Center

Another approach to install security updates is through Ubuntu Software Center. The Ubuntu Software Center includes the list of installed applications on your system. In order to begin the update process, open the app from the desktop or application search.

In the “Updates” tab, you will see the software updates if available.

You can also open the “Software Updater” app from the application search to check for updates.

This will check for the updates and if the package updates are available, you can easily install them.

You can also set update settings as well and for this search the application “Software and Updates” in the application search.

Go to the “Updates” tab and then keep security updates to “Download and install automatically”. This will ensure that you will have the security updates successfully installed on your system.

Click on the “Close” button and choose the “Reload” option to apply the changes.

In this way, you can easily install security updates in Ubuntu 22.04.


Protecting your system security is one of the important tasks as this will help you use the operating system features without any worry. With the latest release of Ubuntu 22.04, it becomes compulsory to install security updates and the above methods will show you how you can do it with ease. You can try both these methods to install security updates in Ubuntu 22.04.

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