How to Grow Pumpkins in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the biggest open world games with endless items that you can utilize for your benefit but how to use them properly is another story. For the same reason this game also comes with variety of different seeds that you can grow not only to feed yourself but also to make many other things as well and one of them are the pumpkins that will be discussed in this article

Required Materials to Make Grow Pumpkins

You will need three main items to grow pumpkins, the first one is the pumpkin seeds, second is the water bucket and last one is the hoe.

From where you can get the Pumpkin Seeds?

You can get pumpkin seeds by finding the pumpkin first which is a 3d shaped square block in orange color as shown in the image below. You can mostly find the pumpkin from taiga village or the woodland mansion from the jungle close to the trees.

After finding them you need a specific tool with the name of the shear to get the pumpkin seeds from these pumpkin blocks. If you already don’t have the shear then you can make one using 2 iron ingots on the crafting table. For that, you need to mine the 2 blocks of iron ore and then convert them into an iron ingot using a furnace to get more details on shears you can visit this article.

Now use this shear on the block of pumpkin to get the pumpkin seeds as shown below.

How can I make a Water Bucket?

The main purpose of a water bucket is to make the land fertile so that you can grow pumpkins which would not be possible otherwise and for that reason, you will need at least one water bucket. For making a bucket you will need 3 iron ingots and place them in the exact same sequence as shown below.

You can only make an empty bucket and after that, you need to fill it with water by finding a water source.

How can I make a Hoe?

The purpose of the hoe is to prepare the land so that you can place the pumpkin seeds in that area which is not possible normally. You can make any hoe that you like but for simplicity, we are going to discuss the wooden hoe which requires 2 sticks and 2 wooden planks.

Wooden planks require a wooden log whereas sticks can be made using 2 wooden planks as discussed below.

Now after making a hoe, you need to find a grassy area as you can grow pumpkins on rocky and sand surfaces, after that you need to right-click on it to make the land ready for growing pumpkins on it.

Let’s Grow Pumpkins

The first step is to find a place where you want to grow the pumpkin and after that, you need to plow the land as much as you want using a hoe depending on the number of pumpkin seeds that you have.

After that, dig a hole in between the plowed field and drop the water from the bucket that will turn the land into dark gray. Now you are able to place the seeds on that land and after that, you need to wait so that pumpkins can grow there as shown in the image below.


Minecraft is one of the most popular open-world games, with a plethora of materials that you may use to your advantage but figuring out how to use them effectively is a different matter. For the same reason, this game includes a range of seeds that you can grow not only to feed yourself but also to build a number of other items, one of which is the pumpkins that we have covered in this article.

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