Why is Google Chrome Using so much RAM?

I remember when I bought my first laptop. I used to do a lot of work on it for my college. It was so helpful in my studies as well as in my leisure time. I really enjoyed having a laptop until I could not install one of my favorite games. A friend of mine told me that the RAM of my laptop is insufficient, and then on I learned how RAM plays a major role in a laptops’ performance.

Well, it’s more relevant if you use a web browser or apps like Google Chrome and the amount of RAM it consumes. People often ask me about it, and in this article, I am going to tell you why Chrome uses so much RAM. I’ll share ways to reduce its consumption as well. So, let’s get started!

Introduction to Chrome

Chrome is a popularly known browser that allows you to search for anything with just one click. You simply have to type the words in its search bar and related articles and results will come pouring in. On top of that, it has a voice icon feature that allows you to search by simply speaking. All you need to do is click on its mic icon and speak, voila! You see what you are looking for.

To perform all these actions, your device must also have sufficient RAM, which I will be explaining more in the next part of this article.

What is RAM?

RAM is a hardware device that stores data and information on the computer. It’s high-speed storage in your computer, and its main work is to store the data of the computer for common use. If you turn off your computer, your RAM storage will be lost.

The largest stick of RAM made by scientists is 128 GB. And this GB RAM is available on your phones, tabs, computer, or laptops.

RAM can be called a primary memory, system memory, or main memory, etc. It requires more power to store information that is of high speed.

Also, low-quality computers have low RAM, so they cannot process the data properly. Therefore, more RAM means more data and information to be stored.

Why Chrome uses all the RAM?

You might be thinking about why chrome uses most of the ram and what’s the reason behind it. As we discussed before, computers need storage to do everything. If you want to download a movie, game, app, etc., RAM is required to store their data. Watching YouTube videos or downloading requires storage as well.

On the other hand, you might sometimes do other works on chrome, like searching for different stuff. You tend to open a lot of tabs at the same time. After searching and clicking your preferred website, it will take you to another tab. By opening a lot of tabs, RAM does its work and stores your information.

Chrome opens all the tabs that you clicked and split and duplicate it depending on how you prefer it that is why it uses most of the RAM.

Increased RAM Usage

As mentioned above, chrome uses a lot of RAM but it’s now the perfect time to ask if it is a good thing to increase the usage of your RAM. I think it’s totally up to you, whether you want your computer to store a lot of memory or not.

As the primary role of RAM is to store data it is expected that when we use chrome or any other web browser, it will eventually increase the usage of RAM for fast processing.

RAM stores a lot of memory when fast processing is required. As the RAM free, it will not serve any purpose to the computer. It can store memory as much as it can because it is in its short-term memory. However, RAM in its full capacity will slow down your computer. For a fast response, it will shift to a shortcut, which again reduces the working ability of your computer.

Therefore, I must say in one way or another, chrome uses much RAM, and high RAM usage will slow down the working capacity of the computer.

Restriction of High RAM Usage

There are two solutions to restrict the chrome high ram usage:

  • First, buy more RAM. It is available in any hardware shop, you can buy it online as well in the form of a memory card or flash drive.
  • Second, do some adjustments to your chrome, which will restrict its high usage.

As the second step is more comfortable to do and affordable as well. So, here are a few other steps to restrict the high RAM usage are as follows;

Closure of Different Processes

It is so simple. Simply click on the task manager, and check the list which app takes a lot of RAM and memory. Click on that tab and end it if it is working. Doing this will free up the memory usage and make our computer process faster.

Usage of Extensions

As we know, the extension has an important role in chrome. In Chrome, you can get memory free extensions as well. It will be available online and you can even download it for free. These extensions will help you clear your storage, which will make chrome and your computer faster.

Some of the best extensions are given below:


It is so tough to manage the tabs manually so you can use TabMemFree. It will automatically help you manage inactive tabs. It will make the sub-tabs in a single tab and arrange them accordingly.

It will free up the memory, which increases the working capacity of the computer. And without lag, you can do your work properly. When you return to that particular tab, it’ll refresh the tab automatically.

The Great Suspender

As the name implies, it will help you suspend the useless tabs and makeup memory for important data. It is considered one of the best extensions for chrome in freeing up memory. It will also make you choose to mark sites that you don’t want to suspend.

You don’t have to use it manually; it will do its job automatically, and when the system slows down it will free up the memory so that the computer may run faster.


Knowing about chrome and its importance in our daily lives, there are possible instances where RAM problems happen and it can be really irritating To get rid of this, we should seek more knowledge by searching for ways to fix this kind of problem.

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