How to Go Down a Line in Discord

Have you ever caught up in a situation where you want to send long messages as a server admin or a normal Discord user, especially on Servers? For instance, you want to create a bullet point, specify the related content, go down a line, add the next bullet point, specify more text, and so on. In such a scenario, it is needed to go down a line while writing your message.

Discord permits its users with the mentioned functionality. However, beginners have no clue about it. So, this guide will demonstrate the procedure of going down a line in Discord:

    • Using the Shift + Enter key
    • Using backticks [“`]

Let’s get started!

Method 1: Going Down a Line Using Shift + Enter Key in Discord

While typing a message on a Discord text channel or friend’s DM, press the “Shift + Enter” key to go down a Line. Before pressing Enter, hit and hold the Shift key. In case you have pressed the Enter key first, the typed message will be immediately sent in the ongoing conversation instead of switching to a new line.

Check out the below-given instructions to implement it.

Step 1: Open Discord Application

In the first step, open the Discord app on your system:

Step 2: Type Message

Move to the text area, type the message and press the “Shift +Enter” key to go to a new line, and then write the remaining part in the next line as follow:

Step 3: Press Enter Key

After typing out the message, press the “Enter” key for the purpose of sending the message to your friend:

The same method applies if you want to send a message in a text channel that comprises more than one line. For instance, in the text area of the “general” channel of our “Penguin234’s server”, we will firstly type “Hi everyone!” in the first line, then press the “Shift + Enter” key, write out the remaining part of the message in the next line and hit “Enter”

The result can be seen in the below image:

Let’s head towards the second method for going down a line in Discord.

Method 2: Going Down a Line Using Backticks in Discord

Backticks can also be utilized in a case when you want to go down a line in Discord. To do so, enter three backticks [“` ] and a space before typing the first letter of the message. Then, press “Enter” to go down to a new line, add the remaining text part, and again add three backticks [“`] as a closing sign:

Lastly, hit the “Enter” key. This operation will send your message in the form of a code block having more than one line, according to your customization:

The same method can also be applied for sending a text with single or multiple lines in the Discord text channel:

We have provided the easiest methods for going down a line in Discord.


To go down a line in Discord, use the “Shift + Enter” key or backticks [“`]. In the first approach, type the required message, press the “Shift + Enter” key, and write the remaining part of the message in the next line. For the second approach, add three backticks [“` ] with a space before adding the first letter of the message. Then, type your message, press “Enter”, write in the next line, and enclose it with three backticks. This guide discussed the procedure of going down a line in Discord.

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