What is “git rebase” and How Does it Work in Git?

While working with Git, multiple functionalities can be performed and the “git rebase” is one of the powerful commands that is used to merge two branches in Git. It is often used when a developer wants to integrate changes from one branch into another branch in a more streamlined and efficient way.

This post will briefly explain about the “git rebase” command, and it works.

What is the “git rebase” Command in Git?

The “git rebase” command permits Git users to modify the base of one branch to a commit. Furthermore, it rewrites the commit history of a branch by moving the entire branch to a new starting point. It can be useful for incorporating modifications from another branch, cleaning up the commit history, and resolving conflicts.

How does the “git rebase” Command Work in Git?

For working with the “git rebase” command, do follow the below-stated instructions:

  • Redirect to the Git local repository.
  • List all existing branches with the help of the “git branch” command.
  • Use the “git checkout” command with the branch name:
  • Run the “git rebase” command for rebasing.

Step 1: Move to Local Git Repository

First, use the Git local repository path with the help of the “cd” command and go to it:

cd "C:\Users\user\Git\testrepo"

Step 2: List All Branches

Then, execute the “git branch” command to list all available branches in Git:

git branch

It can be observed that all available branches have been listed successfully:

Step 3: Switch to Target Branch

Now, switch to the target branch where you want to rebase by using the “git checkout” command along with the branch name:

Git checkout feature2

The below-stated output indicates that you have been switched to the target branch as “feature2” successfully:

Step 4: Rebase Branch

Execute the “git rebase” command along with the branch name with needs to rebase the target branch:

git rebase main

As a result, the “main” branch is successfully rebased with the “feature2” branch:

That’s all about the “git rebase” and it’s working.


The “git rebase” is a command in Git that allows users to modify the base of a branch to a commit. To work with the “git rebase” command, first, go toward the Git local repository and list all branches. Then, run the “git checkout” command. Lastly, run the “git rebase” command and add the branch name. This post briefly explained about the “git rebase” command and its complete working.

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