How to Get Witches Brew in Wacky Wizards Roblox

Wacky Wizards is one of the popular Roblox experiences. In this game, users prepare different potions from different ingredients and drink them. The effect of the potion varies and depends on the type and ingredients added to the potion.

The ingredients are stored on the starting table; some are present on the starting table by default. But for some ingredients, you have to complete the quest to get or find them. Witches brew is one of the ingredients found on the map by completing the quest.

How to Get the Witches Brew in Roblox Wacky Wizards

Witches brew is the ingredient in Wacky Wizard used to make different potions. You can get this ingredient by completing the quest from Glinda the Witch. Follow these steps to get the Witch brew:

Step 1: Find Glinda Witch

First find Glinda, the witch, she will be in the Cave in the desert with her friends. Head towards the desert area and cross the train track. You will find the cave on the left side of the track, behind the cactus:

Go inside, and Glinda will be there, interact with her:

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She will explain that she and her friends landed accidentally here, and they need your help to get back home. She will ask you to bring some potions and special ingredients.

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Step 2: Give Glinda Hot Potion

Press E to interact with Glinda, and she will ask you to bring the Hot potion to help light their cauldron. Teleport to your cauldron and prepare the hot potion with chili.

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You will require the below-written ingredients to prepare the hot potion:

Ingredients Where to Obtain
Chili In the cave underneath the dessert

Grab the potion and make your way back to the location and interact with Glinda again.

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Step 3: Give Glinda Speedy Potion

Next, she will ask you to help the speed cauldron up. She must be asking you to bring up Speedy potion.

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For the Speedy potion, first, drain your cauldron and put the following ingredients in the cauldron:

Ingredients Where to Obtain
Giraffe’s hoof Starting Ingredient

Bring it to Glinda and speak to her and she will send you on another mission.

Step 4: Give Glinda Special Ingredients

Glinda will assign you different ingredients to bring, but they are not always the same. She will ask you to bring three different special ingredients out of the following:

  1. Rare Blue Frog
  2. Jellyfish
  3. Cactus Cat
  4. Lava Flower
  5. Cave Bat

1: Rare Blue Frog

The rare blue frog hangs out on the rocks near the water. Grab it and make your way back to the witch.

2: Jellyfish

Jellyfish are on top of the waterfall. To get jellyfish, you will need a fly potion and swim potion. First, prepare a swim potion for yourself, and then fly towards the waterfall location. You can use a bird and fish to prepare this potion.

Pick the Jellyfish and teleport to the cauldron. Drop the jelly and reset your player. Pick the jellyfish again and bring it to Glinda.

Note: You cannot bring ingredients to Glinda while flying.

3: Cactus Cat

It is easy to find the cactus cat on the map. You can look for it in the desert area.

4: Lava Flower

Laval flowers can be found on the top of the Volcano, from where the smoke is coming out. Prepare a flying swim potion for yourself and get the Lava flower.

5: Cave Bat

On the map, there is a cave with a spider web at the entrance; the cave bat can be found there. Move inside, and the cave bat should be sticking to the wall on the right:

Note: When you talk to Glinda, multiple secret ingredients will spawn in the game according to what Glinda asks you to bring.

Once you give all the potions and ingredients to the witch, she will attempt to create a potion for herself to leave the cave, but the potion does not work for her, and you get a witch brew. Make your way back to the cauldron and see what to do with this new ingredient.

Where to Use Witch Brew in Wacky Wizards

You can use Witch brew in the Wacky Wizards to prepare many potions; some potions are listed below:

Potion Ingredients
Invert Potion Witches Brew
Broom potion Witches Brew + Fairy
Vomit Potion Can of beans + Witches brew
Pumpkin potion Witches brew + Robux
Truck potion Giant ear + Witches brew
Smelling potion Witches Brew + Pool Noodle
Detacher Potion Brain + Witches Brew
Crows Potion Witches Brew + Bird
Ratty Potion Witches Brew + Spider
Explode Spell Potion Zeus’s Beard + Witcher Brew
Death Potion Magic Seed + Witcher Brew


Getting a Witch brew is a long process but fun and worth it. You can get the Witches brew from Glinda, which can be found in the cave of the desert. You have to give her two different potions, the Hot potion and Speedy potion, and three different ingredients out of five: Rare blue frog, Cactus cat, Jellyfish, Lava flower, and cave bat.

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