How to Get Tokens in Roblox Clicker Simulator

Clicker Simulator is the latest game in Roblox, developed by Toya_Studio_Clickersim. The key objective of the game is to collect pets by hatching eggs and trading legendary pets. The eggs can be purchased with in-game currencies, which can be earned by clicking on the screen. There are different in-game currencies which are clicks, rebirths, gems, and tokens.

Tokens act as Robux within the game through tokens; you can make purchases within the game. Are you confused about how to get tokens in the Roblox Clicker Simulator? We are here to help you.

Methods to Get Tokens in Roblox Clicker Simulator

There are two methods to get tokens in the Roblox Clicker Simulator:

  1. Purchasing Tokens Through Robux
  2. Earning Tokens by Completing Challenges

1: Purchase Tokens Through Robux

1 token is equal to 1 Robux, and to buy a minimum of 50 Tokens, you will require 50 Robux. If you want to buy tokens, then follow the below-given step-by-step guidelines:

Step 1: Click on the Trade button present on the left side of your screen:

Step 2: A pop-up window will open on your screen, look at the bottom of the trading Window and click on the Green Plus sign:

Step 3: Purchase Tokens with the Robux:

2: Earn Tokens by Completing Challenges

The other way to get tokens in the game is by earning through completing challenges. There are only two achievements that give you tokens in rewards. To check those achievements, click on the Rewards and tap on View more achievements.

The two achievements are:

  1. Click 50,000,000 Times – Reward: 250 Tokens
  2. Open 10,000,000 Eggs – Reward: 250 Tokens


Tokens are the in-game currency; you can purchase anything through Robux and Token. Buy expensive pets, passes, boosts, and more with any token you earn. There are two ways to get the Token in the game: Buy tokens through Robux and earn tokens by completing challenges.

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