How to Get Someone’s IP From Discord

There are several social media communication platforms where people interact with each other professionally and socially. Discord is one such forum that has multiple beneficial features, such as allowing you to create servers, invite other people, and add them to your friend’s list.

There are many situations where you need to know someone’s IP address, for instance, in the case of connecting to one of your friend’s servers. Several online tools can assist in getting the IP address of someone on Discord, such as Discord IP Resolver.

This guide will illustrate the procedure of getting someone’s IP from the Discord application. Let’s start!

How to Get Someone’s IP From Discord?

Follow up on the below-listed steps to get someone’s IP on Discord.

Step 1: Launch Discord

To get someone’s IP on Discord, it is required to enable “Developer Mode” first. To do so, open the “Discord” application on your system:

Step 2: Open User Settings

Click on the “gear” icon and go to the “User Settings”:

Step 3: Open Advanced Settings

To open the advanced Discord settings, click on the “Advanced” category under the “APP SETTINGS” manual:

Step 4: Enable Developer Mode

Enable the “Developer Mode” toggle, press the “Esc” key, and switch back to the Discord home screen:

Step 5: Select Username

From your friend’s list, right-click on the username of the friend whose IP you want to get and select the “Copy ID” option from the appeared drop-down menu. In our case, we want to get the “Chinky” IP address:

Step 6: Visit Discord IP Resolver Tool

Open your favorite browser and visit the Discord IP Resolver web tool and paste the copied ID of the user in the below-highlighted input fields:

After pasting the ID, click on the “Resolve” button to get the IP address:

As you can see in the below-given image, the Discord IP Resolver tool successfully generated the IP address of the specified user:

We have effectively demonstrated the method of getting someone’s IP from Discord.


To get someone’s IP from Discord, you need to turn on the “Developer Mode”. To do so, open the “User Settings”, click on the “Advanced” category inside the “APP SETTINGS”, and hit the toggle to enable it. Then, copy the user’s ID whose IP you want to get. After that, go to the browser, visit the Discord IP Resolver online tool, and paste the copied ID. Lastly, click the “Resolve” button to get the required IP address. In this guide, we have provided the procedure for getting someone’s IP from Discord.

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