How to Get Robux Ingredient in Roblox Wacky Wizards

Wacky Wizards focus on brewing potions using different ingredients. Basic ingredients for making the potion are placed on your table by default; additional ingredients are event dependent and require completing the quest and looking around the map.

Robux ingredient is an event item of Wacky Wizards, to get this item, you have to defeat Mr. Rich Cyclops and talk to OZ, the wizard, and he will reward you with a Robux ingredient. This guide will provide a step-by-step guideline for getting a Robux ingredient.

How to Get Robux Ingredient in Wacky Wizards

Mr. Rich Cyclops is a world event that occurs every hour in Roblox. To get the Robux ingredient in the game, you must defeat him. There is a timer on the wall that says CYCLOPS INVASION; when the timer reaches zero, Mr.Rich cyclops enter the world area. The timing is different for the different servers, and you have to defeat him while working in a team with your server.

Step 1: Defeat Mr. Rich Cyclops

Once Mr. Rich invaded the world area, the fight will begin. You will need to brew the following damaging potions:

Potions Ingredients
Explosive Potion Dynamite
Explosive Hot Potion Dynamite + Chilli

After spawning the potion, run towards the nearest cannon with the Witch’s hat on it. Click on it to load the potion and shoot the potion on Mr. Rich:

Each player brews the potions and loads them into the cannon as fast as possible to defeat Mr. Rich. He has a lot of health so it is impossible to defeat him alone, defeating him will depend on the efforts of the entire server. Keep doing this until the boss’s health reaches zero:

Step 2: Collect Mr. Rich’s Eye

Once Mr. Rich is dead, he will drop the cyclops eye for the players. Pick one of the eyes, and a set of blue arrows will appear pointing you to the hidden cave. Start following those arrows to reach the cave:

Step 3: Speak to OZ, the Wizard

Take the eyeball to the hidden cave where OZ, the wizard is present:

Hand over the eye to OZ, the wizard, in return he will reward you with the Robux ingredient:


To get the Robux ingredient, you will have to participate in hourly cyclops events. During this event, Mr. Rich will spawn in the world and you have to defeat him by throwing explosive potions on him. Once defeated he will drop cyclop’s eye, grab it and hand it over to the OZ wizard he will reward you with Robux ingredients.

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