How to Get a Peacock in Roblox Adopt Me

Adopt me is developed by Uplift games; the key objective of the game is adopting and caring for pets. The pets are hatched from eggs, and they are divided into different categories that are common, ultra-rare, uncommon, rare, and legendary.

Some pets can be obtained from Robux, and Peacock is one of them. Peacock is a legendary pet and was introduced to the game in April 2021. It is the natural performer who always likes to show off his nine-color feathers.

Appearance of Peacock

The peacock is a colorful bird; it has a dark blue body and a long neck. The color of the eyes of the peacock is black, and it has a yellow beak. The wings are covered with green feathers ending with an orange color. It has nine different colors in the feathers with multicolored spots.

How to Get Peacock in Adopt Me?

You will need 550 Robux if you want to acquire this pet. There are two ways to adopt the peacock in Adopt me:

  1. Through Shop
  2. Through the Pet Shop on Adoption Island

1: Through Shop

To purchase the pet directly from the shop, click on the Shop option when you spawn in the game and choose peacock:

You have to pay 550 Robux to get this adopt; you cannot use the in-game bucks to purchase this pet:

2: Through Pet Shop in Adoption Island

When you spawn in the game, the game starts with the home. Exit the home and head towards the Adoption Island tunnel:

When you land on the Adoption Island, find the Pet Shop near the hospital building.

Look for the peacock and pay 550 Robux to get the peacock.


Peacock is a non-legendary pet of Adopt me, and you can get this pet from 550 Robux If you want to adopt this pet, then visit the Shop directly or go to the Pet Shop in Adoption Island. There is no other way to adopt a peacock in Roblox Adopt Me, and you cannot use the Adopt Me bucks to purchase this pet.

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