How to Get Marker Deleted in Roblox Find the Markers

Find the Markers is an experience in which you have to Find the Markers scattered around the map. There are almost 226 markers in the game, and players will explore different places in order to find these markers. They are divided into different categories like easy markers, medium markers, and hard Markers.

Marker Deleted is the easy marker to find and was added in 2022 to the game. It appears in the form of file not found format. Follow the guide to know the exact location of the marker deleted in Roblox Find the Markers.

Steps to Find Marker Deleted in Find the Markers- Roblox

It is the second marker that is located in the gallery. When you spawn in the game, head towards the door with Teleport to the gallery present on the left of your spawn location:

Once you enter the gallery, you will find a lot of in-game bodies of markers displayed behind the glass mirror on the shelf. The opposite of the displayed markers will have a white picture of the sad-looking gray and white marker, known as a deleted marker. The picture is on the wall right next to the cyan marker:

Walk towards it and jump to get this one, a pop up will appear YOU FOUND Marker Deleted:


The Marker Deleted is on the wall in the gallery where all the in-experience markers are displayed. To get the marker, you have to visit the gallery, and you will find a marker picture hanging on the wall. To get the marker, jump on towards the picture, and it will be added to your marker’s collection.

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