How to Get the Honey Ingredient in Roblox Wacky Wizards

Wacky Wizards in Roblox is an amazing game in which users find different ingredients to brew unique potions. Some ingredients can be found on the starting table by default, some require the completion of a quest, and some can be purchased through Robux. Honey is one of the ingredients that require completing quests; if you want to get honey, you must complete the honey quest.

Honey is used to make a honey potion and some other potions. It is a permanent ingredient of the game, and getting this ingredient requires transforming into a bee and pleasing the queen bee.

How to Get the Honey Ingredient in Roblox Wacky Wizards

Follow the below steps to complete the honey quest in wacky wizards:

Step 1: Make a Bee Disguise Potion

To transform yourself into a bee, you will need a Sleepy bee. First, grab a sleepy bee from the beehive in the forest; it is a small tree with a yellow beehive hanging on it:

Teleport to your cauldron and brew the only bee potion and drink it. Your character will be transformed into a bee:

Step 2: Enter a Hole in a Big Tree

Fly towards the big tree; you should find a hole near the top that says Bees only. Fly inside the hole and move up to communicate with the Queen bee:

She will ask you to gather pollen from five flowers and place them in their separate honeycomb. Turn around to see a honeycomb with different flowers:

Step 3: Find Pollens for Five Flowers

You need to bring pollen for one flower at a time to the slot and deliver them. Ensure you see a yellow tail when you touch the flower; that yellow trail is pollen.

The locations of different flowers are mentioned below:

1: Location of Cactus Flower

The cactus flower is present on the cactus in the desert. Visit the flower and return to the hole with the pollens to deliver them there:

2: Location of Lava Flower

Fly towards the volcano, and you will see a bright red flower there. Fly through the flower and return to the tree:

3: Location of Sunflower

Sunflowers are present at the top of Oz’s house on the right side of the big tree. Behind the big tree, there is a crack in the wall, head towards it, and you will find a sunflower there. Touch the flower to get some pollen and return to the tree to drop them there:

4: Location of Field Daisy Flower

Daisy flowers are easy to find as they grow near the tree. They are present right next to the big tree. Fly through one of the flowers and bring the pollen back:

5: Location of Lily Flower

It is a pink flower, present upon the river near the waterfall. Get the pollen and place them in their corresponding honeycomb:

Step 4: Get Honey

Once you bring all the pollen to the holes in the tree, you will get the honey ingredient. It is present beneath the flower holes, grab it and teleport to your cauldron to make new potions:

Where Can You Use Honey Ingredient in Wacky Wizards

Honey can be used in the following potions:

Potions Ingredients
Honey Potion Honey
Queenly Robux + Honey
Buzzing potion Honey + Bird
Buzzy head potion Brain + Honey
Rush Potion Giraffe Hoof + Honey


To complete the honey quest first you have to transform yourself into a bee. Find the pollen of different flowers located on the different areas of the map. Enter the tree and drop the pollens into the hexagon that matches the flower you have pollinated. The five different flowers include sunflower, field daisy flower, lava flower, water lily flower, and cactus flower. Once you return with five flower pollens you will honeycomb.

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