How to Get Honey from Beehive in Minecraft

In the Buzzy Bees update, the Minecraft developers added bees-related items, including Honey, Honeycombs, Honey bottles, and Beehives. It can be a helpful resource, and in this guide, we will help you understand how to get honey after finding the beehives and their uses in Minecraft.

How do Bees Spawn

The Bees in Minecraft will spawn in all biomes with flowers and trees. The bees are usually spotted near birch or oak trees, and these trees look like

If you cannot find a beehive, look for bees around you and closely follow them because they will surely lead you to its hive.

Note: There is a difference between beehive and bee nests which you can see in the images below:

You can craft bee nests that function as a bee nest and follow our guide to craft bee nests here. And in this guide, we have used a crafted bee nest, so make sure to go through our guide on crafting bee nests.

Now that you have spotted the beehive, we will now guide you through how to get honey from the beehive in Minecraft in the steps below.

Step 1: Place the Campfire Near the Beehive

The bees will violently attack you when you try to get honey, and their stings have a poisonous effect. The bee that stung you will immediately die, so to avoid that, you can set up a campfire just under the beehive and five blocks away from the beehive, which will cause the bees to remain calm. You can find more details about the beehive and its recipe in this article.

And to do this, you will need to craft the campfire with the following guide on making and using the campfire in Minecraft. This campfire can kill the bees, so we will place a carpet on the campfire so that our bees won’t die.

We will now teach you how to craft a carpet, and you will need two or more wool and a crafting table.

You need to kill the sheep, and once it is dead, it will drop two pieces of wool for you to use.

And to learn how to make and use a crafting table in Minecraft, you can go through our guide.

You can craft the carpet as we did in the picture below:

Step 2: Wait for the Beehive to be Filled with Honey

You need to wait sometime before you can harvest your honey, and in the image below, you can see honey dripping down from the beehive, right? Well, this indicates that honey is ready to be harvested.

When it is full, it is time to move on to step 3.

Step 3: Harvesting Honey

You can harvest honey in empty glass bottles and go through our guide to craft the glass bottles.

Once you have the glass bottle, you can harvest the honey by using and holding the right click while equipping the glass bottle and going near the beehive.

You now have bottled honey in your inventory, but what’s the use of it? Well, the best benefits of honey bottles are:

  1. They are the only drinkable items that can help you restore hunger (+2.4 saturation).
  2. They can remove the poisonous effect from your body.
  3. They can be crafted into sugar for other uses.

How to Have Bees Follow You

The bees will follow you if you are carrying the flower in your hand, and all you need to do is go near any bee, and it will start following you this is the easiest method to get more bees into your garden.


In this guide, we have gone through where to find the bees and how you can use them to obtain honey from them. We have crafted everything needed to get honey in Minecraft successfully, and we hope our guide was helpful and you’ve learned something new. You can find more informative and authentic guides on our website.

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