How to Get a Flint in Minecraft

The Minecraft game comes with endless items that you can use for a variety of purposes, but doing that requires you to collect additional items first. One of them is flint, which can also be used in a different way. How you can make it and what you can do with it will be discussed in this article.

You can get the flint naturally by finding the blocks of gravel and then mining them either with your hands or any tool, but a shovel is the quickest way to mine these blocks. You can get more details regarding the shovels by reading this article. You also need to mine lots of gravel blocks to get the flint from it as there is a probability of only 10 percent of getting the flint from these blocks.

Finding Gravel Under the Oceans

One of the best and easiest ways to find gravel is to get into the ocean biome and swim inside it until you find its surface, as shown in the image below:

Finding a Gravels in the Gravelly Hills Biome

The second way to find gravel is to travel to the gravelly hills in the overworld biome which is filled with lots of gravel that will be sufficient for your whole Minecraft journey.

There is one additional way to find the gravel, but this one is more difficult compared to the two that we have already discussed. You can also go to the nether world and can trade the gravel blocks with the piglins mob by giving them the golden ingot as they love gold.

But this is not recommended if you are especially going to the nether world just to get some gravel.

How to Get the Flint from the Gravel

After finding the blocks of gravel you need to mine them until you find the flint as shown in the image below. As you can see, I am able to find 3 pieces of flint by mining some blocks of gravel using a shovel.

What You can do With the Flint

Some of the most common things that you can do with the flint will be discussed in this section.

1 : Making an Arrow using a Flint – Flint can be used to make an arrow that you can use with the bow to kill the mobs from a distance, so to make it you will need a flint, a stick, and a feather.

2 : Making a Nether Portal – There is a nether world in the Minecraft game that you can’t visit normally, and for that you need to make a nether portal. Making a nether portal requires you to get the obsidian block but to activate this portal you will need to have the flint and steel that can be made by using an iron ingot and flint itself as shown in the image below:

After that you can activate the nether portal by clicking on any of the obsidian blocks as shown in the image below. For more details regarding the nether portal you can read this article.

3 : Making a Fletching Table – You can also make a fletching table that is used to trade different items to get some emeralds in return and for more details regarding this block you can read this article. This block requires you to have 2 flints and 4 wooden planks and then you need to follow the recipe as mentioned below:


Flint is an item that requires mining the blocks of gravel and there is only a 10 percent chance of getting one. After getting this item you can use it for multiple purposes for example you can make arrows, activate the nether portal or can make a fletching table as well that we have discussed in this article.

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