How to get Discord Token

Discord tokens act as an authorization code that comprises letters and numbers. This code is used to access the Discord server, assigned when the user creates a new Discord account. Discord token differs from the username, password, and tag, which developers use to provide full access to their accounts. The token will also be changed whenever Discord users change their account passwords.

This blog will briefly discuss the procedure of getting a Discord token. Let’s get started!

How to get Discord Token?

To get your Discord token, follow the below-given instructions.

Step 1: Login to Discord
First of all, open your favorite browser and visit Discord’s official website, login to your Discord account by providing “EMAIL” and “PASSWORD,” and click on the “Login” button:

Step 2: Open Developer Tools
Open “Developer Tools” by pressing “Ctrl + Shift + I” keys together on your keyboard:

Then, click on the “Networks” option that is present at the top of the given toolbar:

Step 3: Reload Tab
After doing so, reload the opened tab by pressing the “F5” key and view the requests:

Step 4: Type /api
Next, type the “/api” inside the “Filter” fields and search “library” from the below results and click on it:

Step 5: Get Discord Token
Next, click on the “Headers” tab, and scroll down until you see the line labeled as “Authorization” comprising a series of numbers and letters as “Discord token”. Copy the given Discord token and utilize it according to your requirements:

We have compiled the easiest method for getting the Discord token.


To get a Discord token, firstly open your favorite browser, and log in to your Discord account through the Discord web application. Next, press “Ctrl + Shift + I” to open “Developer Tools” and click on the “Networks” tab of the toolbar. After doing so, type “/api” in the “Filter” field and click on the “library” from the results. Lastly, select the “Header” tab, then copy the Discord token from the line labeled “Authorization”. This blog demonstrated the method for getting a Discord token.

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