How to Get the Chocolate Marker in Find the Markers – Roblox

Find the Marker is an experience where you need to travel around the map in search of markers. This experience contains almost 226 markers, which are divided into different categories. Chocolate marker is in the medium category and is hiding in the chocolate river in candy land. Chocolate Marker was added to the game in March 2022. It has an unwrapped body with a bitten chocolate cap, so read this guide if you are having trouble in finding it.

How to Find the Chocolate Marker in Find the Markers – Roblox

Chocolate Marker is present in Candy land, the location of all the lollipops and gingerbreads. Spot the area with gigantic different-colored lollipops. Once you enter the Candy biome, look for the chocolate river in the biome and make sure that you don’t walk onto the river because it is liquid, and you will be teleported to your starting location.

The marker is hidden on the edge of the right side of the river before the turn. Walk over to the exact location you can see in the below picture:

The marker is present at the ledge, and when you find the marker, you will be in the river but not falling. Carefully move towards the edge until you reach the marker:


The chocolate marker is the marker with a medium difficulty level; it is hiding in the chocolate river in candy land. It is in the river near the edge, on the right side. Go to the exact location, and the chocolate marker is all yours.

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