How to get Black Dye in Minecraft

­If you got bored with same color combination of the items than you can customize them using dyes in Minecraft. There is total 16 dyes but you need to follow certain steps to acquire them which is different for every dye. But not every item can be customizable which we are going to discuss in this article, including where to find it and how to use it.

Required Materials to make a Black Dye

Black dye can be made using two different materials in Minecraft which are mentioned below:

  • Ink Sac
  • Wither Rose

In the next section we will discuss how you can get these two items to make a black dye.

Ink Sac

The primary method of getting ink sac is to find a squid and then kill it which will drop the ink sac. You can find the squid underwater so for that you need to find the ocean biomes. But not every ocean biome has the same probability of find the squid as the ocean biome in the overworld has one of the highest chances of finding the squids.

Killing the squid will give you around 1 to 3 pieces of ink sac but this quantity can be further increased up to 6 if you use any weapon with the looting enchantment. Keep that in mind that their movement is very fast when you hit them, they will quickly go away from you so it might take some time to follow and kill them. When you kill them, they will drop the ink sac at the exact same place that you can collect later.

Collecting Wither Rose

Although we won’t recommend you this method as it’s a time-consuming task to find this flow due to its rarity. Also, this flower has an adverse effect, and you will lose your health while going close and collecting it.

Use of Black Dye in Minecraft

You can use black dye to apply any pattern on the banner to have a black color.


You can use black dye to dye a bed using the following recipe.

You can dye a sheep with black dye as well.

Some of the other uses of black dye are as follows:

  • You can use black dye to dye the collar of the wolves and cats.
  • You can apply black dye to terracotta, leather armor and shulker boxes
  • You can use it in a firework star for black colored effect


Dyes are available in the Minecraft game that can be used to change the appearance of certain items. The method of getting these dyes is different so how you can get the black dye and what you can do with it has been discussed in this article.

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