How to Get Beetroot Seeds in Minecraft

In Minecraft, beetroot is a rare food item that can only be found in the villages and cannot be spawned or found in buried treasure or loot. Also, killing the mobs doesn’t help either. Now the question is, “What to do when villages have no beetroot plants? Well, in this guide, we will teach you how to get beetroot seeds.

Getting Beetroot Seeds in Minecraft

Getting beetroot seeds depends on your luck as you cannot craft them, and they can only be found in the following place.

Dungeons Treasure

There is a chance that you may find beetroot seeds in the dungeon’s treasure. You can look for dungeons near the caves and underground structures above sea level, so you should start mining near the caves to find dungeons.

But be very careful because if the dungeon is not lit, you will face many scary mobs, so make sure the dungeon is well lit using any light source.

Woodland Mansions

Woodland mansions are super-rare to find, and you can only find them in dark forests, and it is a scary place.

And inside the woodland mansion, you can find chests that can grant you beetroot seeds.

Now we will show you the easiest way to get beetroot seeds, and that is from the village. Although it is rare, you can find it with a bit of luck.

First, you should know what the villages look like, and you can see them in the image below, but they can be different.

Once you have found a village, move around a bit and look for gardens, and the garden looks like as in the image below:

Keep looking for more gardens until you find a beetroot plant.

You can easily harvest it by right-pointing the crosshead below the beetroot plant and then clicking the left mouse button. You will now have to pick beetroot and beetroot seeds that you can use to create a farm for beetroot.

Uses of Beetroots in Minecraft

You can use beetroots in Minecraft various ways:

  1. Food for the pigs, and also for pig breeding that provide constant food supplies for the player in the form of cooked pork chops.
  2. Food for chickens, and also be used for chicken breeding. While you are holding it in your hands, the chickens will follow you, and you can take them back to your farm.
  3. Food for parrots, and can also be used as a taming parrot agents.
  4. You can also give it to villagers to make them breed.
  5. Trade with farmers.
  6. You can also craft red dye and make beet soup.

Craft Red Dye Using Beetroot

To craft red dye, you will need one beetroot:

Crafting Beetroot Soup

You will need one bowl and six beetroots to craft the beetroot soup.

There are a variety of other seeds also available in the game so if you are interested in those too then you can read this article.


Today we learned how and where to get beetroot seeds in Minecraft, the uses of beetroot and its seeds, and how you can craft different items using it. We have explained everything and we used pictures so that you can understand even better. We hope we were able to help you and you can always look for guides on “How to Minecraft” which is updated regularly.

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