How to Get Barrier Blocks in Minecraft

The barrier is an invisible block used as a barricade in Minecraft. The unique thing is that they are unbreakable. In survival mode, players can protect an area against mobs and other players. A barrier block looks like a square red block. Their symbols belong to “do not cross” symbols. Although there are many things special about these blocks, the best part is that due to their invisibility, they are almost indestructible as well. You will learn how to get a barrier block in this article and by which method you will achieve this; let us discuss it.

How to Get Barrier Blocks in Minecraft

It is worth noting that we can neither make the barrier block from a furnace nor a crafting table in Minecraft. This is the only block in Minecraft that is obtained through commands. Compared to other blocks, barrier blocks have higher explosion resistance which is technically “cheating.”

When the barrier block is made up of a red circle with a slash, as shown in the image below:

In Minecraft, players use a command called the /give a command to get the barrier blocks. We will do the same thing here, so open the Chat window in Minecraft (we are using the pocket version).

Here is the place you can open the Chat option in Minecraft pocket edition:

The proper command that we have to enter to get barrier blocks is something like this.

/give @p barrier

After opening the chat window, we will type the above command in the chat window with their amount. The command must be run by pressing Enter. We put the number in place of the amount in this command as we want barrier blocks.

Barrier blocks are unattainable in Survival unless “Cheat” is used and enabled. Once we have entered the cheat, we can get the barriers of the amount entered in the command, and then we can add them to our inventory.

After all this process, we will see a message at the bottom left corner of the game window, which will be something like “Given [Barrier] x <amount> to IamMiner.” This means we have given barrier blocks to the player named IamMiner.


As we have seen, barrier blocks can be obtained only through command. There is a specific command for this, which by running gives barrier blocks in Minecraft. After reading this article, we hope you will get the barrier block and defend your area by running the command correctly.

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