How to Get Apples Quickly in Minecraft

In the Minecraft world you must need something to fulfil daily food needs. In this case you have different items in the Minecraft world which you can use to overcome your hunger. Apples are one of the food items in Minecraft which you can use to feed your tummy. This article is all about ways to quickly find the apples in Minecraft.


In the Minecraft world you can get apples in the forests where oak trees are present. You can use apples to fulfil your hunger needs:

Quick Ways to Get Apples in Minecraft

In Minecraft you can get apples by following two ways:

You can use both these methods according to the information given in this article so keep reading.

Oak Leaves

To get apples in the Minecraft world you must go to forests with dark oak trees where you can find apples in the leaves of oak trees but they are not so easy to get, you need to have enchanted tools like:

  • Shears with Fortune III enchantment
  • Netherite Axe with Sharpness V enchantment


In Minecraft shears are tools like scissors and you can use them to cut anything easily. But to find the apples you have to cut dark oak leaves and for this purpose you use enchanted shears because enchantments enhance the ability of any tool. When you use enchanted shears to cut the apples your chance to get apples increases:

To get your shear enchanted with the enchantment Fortune III you can place an anvil on the ground when you right click on the anvil, the window will open. In the anvil window place shear and enchantment books to get the enchanted shear:

Netherite Axe with Sharpness V Enchantment

You can also use netherite axe enchanted with sharpness enchantment of level V:

You can use anvil to put the enchantment on the axe and then you can use it to get the apples from trees:

Trade with the Villagers

Another way to get the apples in Minecraft is to trade with villagers in the villages who are farmers by profession. To get apples through trading you must find an Apprentice farmer:

Once you have found an Apprentice farmer you just have to right click on it and a window will open which will give you the options for trade. Like in the below picture you can get apple in exchange of an emerald:


In the Minecraft world you can get apples from oak tree leaves by using enchanted shears and axes and the other way is to get them through trading with apprentice farmers. You can get apples in Minecraft methods by following the guide mentioned above.

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