How to Fix the “zpool command not found” Error in Debian

ZFS is a popular file system that is also an efficient storage volume manager. Users can configure ZFS storage pools with the “zpool” command. Using this command, you can create and delete storage pools, check the status of a storage pool, clear a storage pool, and more. When you try to run this command in a Debian-based system, you may get an error message saying, “zpool command not found in Debian.” This error could arise due to missing dependencies, incorrect installation of ZFS, or an empty PATH variable in your Debian system. This article shows you how to fix the “zpool command not found in Debian” error.

Fixing the “zpool” Command not found Error in Debian

To fix the “zpool command not found in Debian” error, try the following steps in the specified order.

Step 1: Install ZFS on your Debian System

First, ensure that ZFS has been installed properly on your Debian 10 system. If not, then you can try reinstalling ZFS with the command shown below:

$ sudo apt-get install zfs-fuse

With this command, you will be able to install ZFS properly on your Debian system. Hopefully, you will not get any errors when you run the “zpool” command if you have installed ZFS this way. This is because the “zpool” command comes pre-installed with this package.

Step 2: Check the Value of the PATH Variable

If you are still getting the same error, then it might be that your PATH variable is empty. You can check for this problem with the following command:

$ echo $PATH

If the PATH variable is empty, then you will have to set it up manually. However, if it is not empty, then you will get an output that looks like this:

Step 3: Install the Missing Dependencies

Finally, the last thing to do to fix this error is to manually install some dependencies that might be missing. If these dependencies are missing, the “zpool” command might not work on your Debian system. Install the following dependencies by running the commands shown below:

$ sudo apt-get install libnvpair1linux_0.6.5.9-5_armhf.deb

$ sudo apt-get install libuutil1linux_0.6.5.9-5_armhf.deb

Hopefully, by installing these dependencies, you will now be able to use the “zpool” command without any errors.


By following the steps provided in this tutorial, you will be able to fix the “zpool command not found in Debian” error easily. After fixing this issue, you will be able to use this command very effectively in Debian.

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