How to Fix Laptop Keyboard not Working

Laptops are the more advanced and compact form of desktop computers which are portable and make it easy for its users to work on different tasks. But sometimes the keyboard of the laptops stops working and if you are facing the same issue then no need to panic as we have given effective solutions that can be helpful for you.

Fixing the keyboards that do not work

There are two main reasons for the laptop keyboards not working: it can either be a fault in the hardware or any bug in the operating system. So, to sort out the issue we can start by troubleshooting the system and below we have given the possible fixes if there is an issue related to the operating system or of the hardware.

1 : Restart the laptop

Restarting the computer should be the first step when you encounter the issue with the keyboard and this step can be done in case of any other issues as well. By restarting the computer, it clears the temporary memory of the laptop and also resets all the drivers for devices that are either built-in or externally connected. So, in this way there is a chance that your keyboard might start to work again.

2 : Check for keyboard drivers of your laptop

If restarting the laptop didn’t fix the issue, then the next step you want to move on is by checking if your drivers are working properly and you can check it in the device manager of your laptop as in the image below:

Now click on the Standard PS/2 Keyboard device and you will see the following pop-up and the status of the keyboard.

If in the status it is stated that the device is not working properly then you need to update the driver by clicking on the driver tab in the top menu.

And then restart your laptop and if the issue persists then try reinstalling the driver by first uninstalling the driver and restart your laptop. After restarting the laptop, the operating system will automatically install the keyboard driver.

3 : Set the layout of the keyboard

Another issue that might be causing the keyboard not to work is the language setting of the keyboard so to set the keyboard for your desired language just go into the Time & Language option in the settings menu.

Next click on the language option from where you have to click on the add language option a pop-up will appear from which you can install your desired language.

After you have installed the language, go to the keyboard option and set your desired language for the keyboard.

As in the image below you can set the language input for laptop keyboard

4 : Check the keyboard keys and clean your keyboard

Now coming to the hardware issue that might be a cause of the keyboard not working, check the keys by pressing all the keys one by one. Maybe some of the keyboard keys might not be working. Next, clean your keyboard using a microfiber cloth as there might be dirt on the inner side of the keys due to which the keys are not pressed correctly. You can clean the keyboard thoroughly by plucking out the keys of the keyboard and then cleaning it with a clean cloth and then placing the keys correctly. Some laptops have built-in keyboard lock keys, check that as well because that can also be the cause if it has been pressed unintentionally.

5 : Use external keyboard with the laptop

Even after cleaning the keyboard it is not working then you might be needing to connect an external keyboard and you can use either a wireless or wired keyboard with your laptop and if the external keyboard works fine with your laptop then it is confirmed that your laptop keyboard needs replacement.


Laptops are the compact size desktop computers that make them portable and easy to carry them everywhere. However, the keyboards of laptops can stop working due to many reasons and we have listed some possible fixes that you can perform to make your keyboard work again.

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