How to Fix: “Can’t connect to Minecraft server.”

Minecraft is a 3D sandbox game with no pre-defined objectives, allowing players to be as creative as they want. Minecraft stands apart from other games in the market because it enables players to express themselves creatively. It provides you with unrestricted freedom and the powerful ability to create almost anything you can think of. While it may concentrate on the fundamental mining and crafting activities, there is no limit to where you may go.

Online multiplayer is one of the key features of Minecraft that allows players to build, mine, fight with mobs and interact with each other in the same world. However, things don’t always go as planned, and you may get an error while attempting to connect to the server. So, in this post, we’ll try to explain the remedies for issues you could face while connecting to a server.

Method 1. Check your internet connection:

If you get a “Can’t connect to Minecraft server” problem, you need to check your internet connection first. You should verify the internet’s status and ensure that you are connected. If you’re experiencing trouble, turn off your internet and turn it back on to see if it’s functioning, as demonstrated below.

If the situation persists, then try to see if any other internet-dependent programs are functioning correctly or not, like opening any website on a browser. If the website is up and running and the problem is limited to the Minecraft server, the next step is to reset your wifi device. You can also check the status of your internet online using the ookla speed test.

Method 2. Updated game version:

The outdated Minecraft server is one of the most common causes of Minecraft not functioning problems. When you use an older version of Minecraft to connect to a server with a higher version, you will get an outdated game error. So, you need to upgrade to the latest version to play the game. This is also applicable to the Minecraft Beta versions.

Beta versions and stable versions cannot interact with one other. If you’re using the Beta version, remove it, then reinstall a stable version before trying to connect to the real world. You can check the Minecraft version using the Minecraft launcher. After finding out the current gaming version, you can update it using the Minecraft launcher or Microsoft app store. Install the update by downloading it. Restart the machine and attempt to connect to the Minecraft server again.

Method 3. Refresh Minecraft server:

This may seem self-evident, but players should not always believe that their failure to join is their fault. In certain situations, the server that the player is trying to connect to is simply unavailable at the time. Try to refresh the Minecraft server. If it’s still not working, you can check the status of that server by visiting the downdetector.

Method 4. Re-login your Minecraft account:

Log out from your Minecraft account by signing out, and then sign in again to check the status of the Minecraft server since this will renew your profile’s authorization and connectivity with a server. Try to figure out if the issue affects all Minecraft servers or just a handful of them. It’s most likely a software issue on your end if you can’t connect to any Minecraft servers.

Method 5. Update system and network drivers:

Your network driver may be damaged or out-of-date if you can’t connect to the server in Minecraft. Compatibility issues and connection reliability are generally resolved by updating the network drivers. Every computer has an automatic drivers updater system. For example, if you are using a Dell computer, you can do that by using dell support assist software, as shown below.

You may also perform this via the device manager if you can’t find this program for your computer.

If you’ve tried all of the techniques above and your problem continues, you can also attempt the two non-common remedies listed below.

Method 6. Adjust firewall restrictions:

For those who don’t know, firewalls are network rules that govern which network connections are permitted and which are prohibited. Players can check if the firewall prevents them from connecting to the server they want to join. As the end-user, you must ensure that port 25565 on your network’s firewall is open for transmitting and receiving traffic. For this, you can type in the search box, “Windows Firewall with Advanced Security.”

If you’re using Windows, type ‘Firewall’ into the search box and select ‘Windows Firewall with Advanced Security’. Click ‘Inbound Rules’ on the left, then right-click to add a new rule. Make a rule for a port, 25565, and repeat it twice, once for UDP and once for TCP. This is also applicable for “Outbound Rules” that will allow your inbound or outbound connections to Minecraft servers normally work, which your firewall may block.

You can also turn off the firewall to see if that can help, but it is not recommended because this will also turn off the firewall for all other applications.

Method 7. Flushing the DNS

This problem is quite rare, but you can try this option too if all the methods mentioned above can still not solve your problem. Flushing DNS will erase your cache of any IP addresses or other DNS information. This can aid in the resolution of concerns such as security, internet connectivity, and others. The commands for flushing DNS in Windows are:

> ipconfig /flushdns


Minecraft is quite an addictive game, especially when you play it online with your friends, but sometimes, you can’t play with them due to server issues that can ruin your gaming experience. So, some of the most frequent server-related issues have been covered in this article, and if you follow the steps correctly, you should be able to solve your problem.

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