Five Best computers for Photo Editing Work

Capturing the perfect photo is not enough if you fail to enhance it. There is so much more a photo achieves once it is edited. Though, to fine-tune your photos, you direly need a computer fit to do just that.

Why a computer-specific for photo editing?

While you can use a standard computer to handle some light photo editing tasks, it’s not enough if you have taken photo editing as part of a profession. A normal computer will lack RAM or SSD to do photo editing on Adobe or any other popular software. Adobe, on their website, mentions components you specifically need to run their products. Hence, the name or brand of your computer does not matter if you have the right components.

Buyer’s Guide – Best Photo Editing Computer

The following information will aid you in making an informed decision.

The perfect photo editing computer must be able to handle different jobs instantaneously. Whether it is the addition of special effects or you have a habit of combining work from multiple applications.

In easier words, it’s the computer working memory. The more you have it, the more information you will be able to store. However, it certainly does not equal your computer having faster speed.

16GB of RAM is mostly sufficient. Though if you are an avid multi-tasker, things are expected to slow down.

What is your safest bet?

Get 32GB. Yes, it will be expensive, but it’s money well spent. You won’t need more than this, at least for a few years in the future.

Getting to the brains for your operation. A photo editor needs a faster CPU to perform quickly:

  • Multi-tasking
  • Importing and exporting data from external sources.

A faster CPU will take less time to process these tasks. It is measured in Cores and Speed in GHz. Now, remember, it is better to bet on more cores than a faster speed.


More cores mean more brains get to complete set tasks in a specified time. Though know, you will have to invest more bucks to get a higher-end multi-core CPU.

A graphics processing unit may well be an essential component for a gamer. However, not so much when you are exclusively focused on photo editing.

Keep in mind; not all programs entirely depend on GPU. Even if they require one, they specify the required RAM and display. A common example is Lightroom. It helps if you have a high-resolution monitor, which lessens its need.

Hard Drive
This is the SSD (Solid State Hard Drive) era. Apple has been the ruler of SSDs, but let’s face it, not everyone can pay up the fancy upgrades.

What you need is a minimum of 256 GB. Many pre-built PCs for photo editing may try to fool you with only 120 GB. Be warned; it’s too little to save all the files you will be needing. Do not get stuck with a small SSD, as the constant need for upgrades can drive up the costs.

What size should the best Photo editing computer have?
It highly depends on your photo editing needs. A desktop-based computer allows you to have ample space to stuff powerful components. You can always expand storage and amp up graphics. A full-size computer takes away the disadvantage of squinting at smaller screens.

However, when the need meets portability, laptops are a great way out. Though, do pick laptops with bigger and better displays as your work literally requires it.

Lastly, another option for you may be an all-in-one computer. With everything built into the screen, you can take portability up a notch. A big downside to this bright idea is difficult to upgrade and that they are very expensive.

The gateway to the soul of photo editing is the display. Try to grab 4k wide screens for heavy-duty work. However, cheaper and more common options include the 1080p FHD.

Best Computer for Photo Editing – Reviews

1. Alienware Aurora R11

The best overall computer for photo editing on our list is the Alienware Aurora R11. It features the latest Intel Core processor, 16Gb Hyper X Fury memory at 2933MHz for serious multi-taskers.

The R11 offers high-end performance through liquid-cooled chassis. It has been throned the best gaming computer. But what makes it photo-editing worthy?

Alienware has made itself extremely customizable and gives the user complete control of how you want to tweak its key components. You have full authority to choose between i5, i7, and i9 processors – among other components.

And If you have gaming and photo editing on your mind…

This mid-tower desktop comes with 2 graphic cards in higher-tier models. Think of the never-seen horizons in photo editing you can cross with the R11. The chassis is upgrade-friendly, featuring the swing-arm design. Its structures maximize airflow and reduce temperatures by 8%.

Overall, it’s a computer for people with refined taste. Exhibiting fast boot times, multi-task friendly, elegantly built, and ready to load and refine your photos in a heartbeat.

Our nit-pick? It heats a little.

Buy Here: Amazon

2. CORSAIR One i164

Another gaming PC debunked to suit photo editing needs is the Corsair One i164. Such a small unit capable of generating such bold performance had to be our number two.

Its powerful performance comes from its top-tier components. It has the Intel i9, 8 core CPU, an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Graphics, 32GB CORSAIR DDR4 Memory, 960GB NVMe, and 2TB HDD storage.

The computer also comes with a patented liquid cooling system to tackle heavy workloads, which keeps the CPU and GPU temperatures low. The Zero RPM mode also promises quiet working when it sits idle. All of this encourages it to achieve higher clock speeds and faster performance.

Its huge storage is of great help in keeping your photo/video editing files safe. Corsair One also comes with many front-faced ports. They are of huge aid when you need quick alternating transfers. The compact desk-friendly chassis further adds to this cause.

But, this computer is mad expensive.

Buy Here: Amazon

3. HP Envy Desktop Computer

Coming towards our budget and photo editing-friendly option, HP Envy is our next best pick. This computer is famous for being proactive in editing, streaming, and broadcasting your content.

It comes with a super-fast 9th Generation Processor Intel i7, rendering 8 cores. They really help augment pure 4k quality, which is further aided by its UHD Graphics.

But that’s not all!

You also get dual storage of 512 GB SSD and a 1 TB hard drive. The benefit of it is better responsiveness. Its performance is further augmented by 16 GB DDR4 memory, which can be expanded to 32GB!

HP envy can process, multi-tasking, assessing recently accessed files in a quick snap thanks to its excellent specs.

It further features Surround Sound that takes entertainment to a whole new level. A strong processor with amplified entertaining perks and extensive connectivity options fuel your creativity for the better.

However, its power supply is just 180W. That means if you want to add an extra GPU, you will have to get a better power supply.

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4. Apple MacBook Pro 2019

Apple’s MacBook Pro 2019 is a mean business machine.

If you are thinking on the go photo-editing, there isn’t a better option. This 16-inch laptop is known for its powerful processing. With an 8-core processor ready to deal with intensive workloads. MacBook also offers up to 8TB SSD storage and up to 64 GB of memory. Larger files and multi-tasking are all taken care of through this.

It has the latest Gen Intel Core i9 CPU along with AMD Radeon Pro 5kM series graphics. The 16” Retina Display with extra-thin bezels and a wide crystal cut display does its complete justice when editing your photos.

Moreover, this MacBook comes with a remarkable 12-hour long battery life. So, heavy photo software and long work hours will be no problem with this photo editing laptop.

Additionally, a Magic Keyboard with a scissor mechanism that functions with a Touch Bar and inverted-T arrow keys to give you more command over the keyboard.

Nevertheless, as with all Apple products, the cost of updates is quite high.

Buy Here: Amazon

5. ASUS Vivo Book S15

It is a lovely, powerful, and affordable laptop for on-the-go photo editors.

Flaunting a 15.6” FHD Nano Edge display with an 86% screen-to-body ratio. The inner works have the latest 11th generation Intel Core i7 Quad-Core processor installed. A 16GB DDR4 RAM and 512 SSD and Windows 10 Operating system let you access your work quite efficiently.

This beast of a machine will not be a burden to your quick photo editing needs.

Weighing just 3.97 pounds and fashioned with an ultra-slim profile, it’s the go-to on-the-go machine.

This laptop is primarily known for its attractive display. Every color is resolute and sparks individuality. Even though a laptop’s screen is small, ASUS Vivo still grasps the true picture.

However, there isn’t enough storage if you plan on storing hard-core photo-editing backend files.

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Final Thoughts

To be able to get your hand on the perfect computer fit for photo editing, know the basics of how each component works. Once that is clear, you can customize your computer to your liking. This will give you the freedom to tweak the parts that will enhance your job. In this article’s case, it is photo editing. Each product falls under the requirements mentioned by our buyer’s guide. We hope it becomes a valuable resource for all up-and-coming content creators. Thank you for reading!

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