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How to find the IP address of Raspberry Pi on a network

Raspberry Pi’s can be easily connected to networks using ethernet in older models and wireless modes in the latest networks. The IP address of any network, including Raspberry Pi, is a unique address assigned to a network that can be used to identify a device. IP stands for Internet Protocol and is commonly used for monitoring the data sent via network or Internet. The IP address of your network is a coherent address of your system when connected to the web.

The IP address of Raspberry Pi can be found using different methods such as Ping, Nmap, etc. You can also check your Raspberry Pi’s IP address from the desktop and even your phone. If you have access to the physical setup of your Pi, then it can be done quickly.

In this article today, we will discuss different methods to find the IP address of your Raspberry Pi. Let’s start:

How Can I Connect My Raspberry Pi To A Network?

Before you proceed further to connect your Raspberry pi to a network, make sure you have basic requirements for that. These pre-requisites include:

  • A router with a healthy internet connection.
  • A Raspberry Pi set up with SSH enabled
  • Ethernet Cables for wired connection

For Raspberry Pi’s That Don’t Support Wireless Connection

Connect your Raspberry pi to the network Router using the ethernet cable. Establish a connection between your laptop and network using an ethernet cable. Now attach the display and other peripherals to your Pi board. Turn on your Raspberry Pi and launch the terminal to give the command to give your Raspberry’s Ip address to LAN.

Type hostname -I

For Raspberry Pi’s With Wireless Connections

Make sure you have checked all the prerequisites to proceed. On your Raspbian desktop, move to the taskbar on top and click on the WiFi icon. Select your network’s name and type the password to connect. This one is as simple as connecting windows to wifi.

Different Ways To Find IP Address Of Raspberry Pi On a Network?

There are various methods to find the IP addresses of the Raspberry Pi network from different devices. Here’s how you can find it:

Launch the terminal and type in the following command

hostname -I

You will be shown the IP address of your Raspberry Pi.

Finding IP Of Raspberry Pi From Another Connected device

Using Router’s Devices List To Find Raspberry Pi’s IP Address

You can use your Router’s devices list to find the IP address of your Raspberry Pi. This can be easily done. Browser your router’s access point and log in with the credentials. Most routers have as their gateway. You can find it for your router if this doesn’t work.

Once you have logged in, search for the connected devices, and find your RPi. Raspberry Pi’s hostname should be “raspberrypi”. You can check out the IP address of your device from here.

Using Network Mapper To Find Raspberry Pi’s IP Address

You can use a network mapper for scanning the devices with a specific subnet. To find the IP address of your RPi using a network mapper, you will have to install a tool named nmap. Nmap is a network scanner that can be used to discover hosts and services on a network.

It is quite easy to install nmap on Raspbian OS. Launch the terminal and enter the command given below.

sudo apt install nmap

For Windows and MAC users, nmap can be installed by downloading the binaries.

Once done with the installation, we will have to determine the local IP address of our device.

For Windows Users, the Local IP address can be determined by Network and sharing center>>View network connections

For MAC Users, the Local IP addresses can be determined by pressing cmd+space and viewing network connections.

For Linux users, the Local IP address can be found by entering the command hostname -I

To proceed with the use of nmap, you need to find the subnet range of your network. The general range for subnets between to is You can watch this video for subnetting.

After you are done with the subnet range, enter the nmap command.

nmap -sn

Running this command will show you the list of devices connected to the network. You can see the Raspberry Pi’s IP address from the list.

Using Ping Command To Find Raspberry Pi’s IP Address

Ping is used to checking the host’s reach on the internet protocol network, and it is available for all operating systems.

Launch Command Prompt on your Windows PC and enter the following command

ping raspi

Simply running this command will return you the IP address of your Raspberry Pi. In case this doesn’t work, you can try running ping raspberrypi. For Retropie users, this command will serve the purpose of ping retropie.

Using A Third Party Platform to Find IP Address Of Your Raspberry Pi

You can use the platform named Angry Ip scanner to scan all the connected devices to find out their IP addresses and ports. You can use this utility to scan Ip addresses from any range. You need not install it on your device; just copy and paste it.

What Can You Do To Hide Your IP Address From Others?

When you know someone’s IP address, you can easily track their location, block their access to certain websites, and carry out attacks. Personally, I don’t think about any hacker wasting their time knowing your IP address and then playing pranks on you.

You can hide your IP address from others by using a network protected by a firewall; most of the routers come with a firewall. You can also hide your IP address by using a powerful VPN.

You can check out this list of the Best Ubuntu VPNs

The Bottom Line

For the Physical setup of Raspberry Pi, it is quite easy to find the Ip address by just running a single command on a terminal. It becomes a bit complex when finding Raspberry Pi’s IP address from other connected devices. However, this is not too difficult. I hope you found this article useful and it served your purpose.

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