How to Find the End Portal in the Stronghold in Minecraft

In the Minecraft world you have an underground rare and unique structure called a stronghold. Strongholds have libraries, store rooms and their speciality are they have end portals. You can only find end portals in strongholds. This article is a complete guide on how you can find end portals in strongholds.

End Portal

In Minecraft world you have an end portal made up of 3×3 end portal blocks having lava in the middle of it, you can use the end portal to go to the end world to fight with the ender dragon. 

How to Find End Portal in the Stronghold

In Minecraft you need to have ender pearl and blaze powder to craft ender eye that will help you find the end portal in the stronghold. You can follow the steps below to find out end portal in stronghold:

Step 1:  Press ‘ T ’ or ‘ / ’ to open the chat window and execute the command given below:

locate structure minecraft:stronghold

Step 2: You will be given the coordinates, click on the coordinates to reach the stronghold:

Step 3: You are teleported to the stronghold region:

Step 4: Now craft blaze powder using blaze rod:

Step 5: Get an ender pearl from slaying Enderman:

Step 6: Open the crafting grid and place ender pearl and blaze powder into it to get eye of ender:

Step 7: Use the ender eye by clicking the right button of mouse and it will fly up in the air, follow the eye of ender:

Step 8:  Eye of ender will take you to the block where it will no longer fly and it will get into the block, that is exactly where you should start digging:

Step 9: You will get into the stronghold:

While finding the ender portal you may find libraries in the stronghold: 

Step 10: You will find a room like the picture given below, go inside it:

Step 11: You will find the End Portal:


In Minecraft when you need to fight with an Ender Dragon you must go to the End region first. You can go to the End region by using the ender portal which is only found in strongholds. To find the ender portal you have to get ender eyes because they help you to locate dragon strongholds and then you can dig out to find the end portal.

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