How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft

Diamond is one of the most valuable and rare items in the Minecraft game and mining them should be the goal of every gamer. The reason is that it is one of the most durable items available in the game that you can use either for the defense by making a diamond armor or you can also use it to attack by making a diamond sword.

Prepare your backpack

Before going into the journey of finding diamonds there are a few important factors that need to be considered first. The first and foremost is to have an iron pickaxe especially if you are considering mining them otherwise there is no use finding these diamond ores. Also, during your struggle of finding these ores, you will also face many different mobs like spiders and zombies – so you also need to equip yourself with better defensive armor and a sword as well. Other than that you will also be needing food sources to replenish your energy and blocks so that you can reach the higher ground.

How to Find Diamonds

Now after completing your preparation you are ready for the journey of finding diamonds. Better find the caves or tunnels. After that, you need to start digging in between layers 5-16 whereas layer 12 is the most important one where mostly diamond ore can be found. If you don’t have the concept of a layer, then it is a value of the Y coordinate which you can see by pressing the FN+F3 or only F3 from the keyboard as shown below.

As you can see in the image above we are currently at layer 68 this means that we need to dig down and find the layers that we have mentioned above. You can either find a tunnel/cave or just start digging from the position in which you currently are to start finding diamonds. While digging try to explore the place in between the values that we have mentioned above and keep on exploring until you find the diamond ore as shown below.

As you can see in the image above that at layer 11, we are able to find the diamond ore that you can see in the background as well. After that, the only thing that remains is to mine them by using an iron or any other higher-level pickaxe.

Are there other ways to find Diamonds in Minecraft?

Yes! you can get diamonds from the loot chests as well. The places from where you can find loot chests are mentioned below:

  • Village Chests
  • Fortress Chests
  • End City Chests
  • Shipwreck Treasure Chests
  • Buried Treasures

What items can I craft with the Diamonds in Minecraft?

Diamond is very durable and many strong items can be crafted using it. A list of items that can be crafted with Diamond is given below:

  • Diamond Pickaxe
  • Diamond Legging
  • Diamond Sword
  • Diamond Boots
  • Enchantment Table


Diamond is one of the most valuable resources in Minecraft and some people can have a hard time finding it as it is one of the rarest ore in the game. But it’s worth it because it is one of the most durable items that can help you in the long run for whatever reason you are using it.

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