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Exhaustive List of Free VR Games

Ever had that feeling of craving to explore something new? Something undiscovered, thrilling, and adventurous. Then, you put your glasses on, turn on your PC, and boom, there it is—A mystic world right under your hand. You can touch, move, and combat anything on the way. Yes! It is real but real in a different way; it is virtual reality, aka VR. The computer-generated reality or virtual reality (VR), is a reproduced experience of the real world. Virtual reality is implemented in amusement (example: computer games), schooling (example: clinical or military training), and businesses (example: virtual gatherings). VR is one of the emerging innovations that were bestowed over humankind about a decade ago. At this point, many of us cannot even imagine our lives without it. And yes, gamers out there, I am pointing at you!

VR has assumed a significant position in the field of innovation in an extremely brief period. So now, you know why that storm in the game felt so real. It is a blessing of VR. Other than acquiring a prompt acknowledgment in the realm of PC games, the use of VR is huge in numerous fields of life, including engineering, medication, military, and flying, as mentioned above. Researchers and analysts are exploring this advanced innovation because, with the help of this, specialists can solve new problems.

Now, the ones who have experienced VR would know how it blends reality. Rather than looking at a flat-screen before them, VR users are submerged and made to interact with 3D universes by engaging as many senses as possible, such as vision, contact, and even hearing; your PC becomes guard to this world. Yes, the feeling is unreal when we are taken into an extraordinary world ready to be explored. Now, who would not want that kind of freedom, liberty, and access to something truly undiscovered?

The most important equipment needed to experience the immersion is a VR headset. The other gear includes sensors, gloves, earphones. A headset can be standalone or tethered; tethered headsets require a powerful PC to work, while the standalone headsets come with a built-in CPU and battery. The sensors on the headset additionally distinguish the eye movement of the interactor, consequently checking his activities.

So now we move on to the most general usage of virtual reality, VR gaming. As we have described what VR is, VR gaming utilizes the same technology. With the help of VR, the users get a better firsthand experience of the game. With some motions, they can move and interact with the game objects as if they live in a world of the game. The users get to be what they desire for a limited time: be it a pilot, an athlete, or even their favorite superheroes. The equipment required for VR gaming includes: a powerful PC if the headset is tethered, controllers, and a headset.

Now, most of us cannot deny what a game-changer VR has been in the gaming industry. Who would not want the firsthand immersive experience in the game they love playing? Who would not want to live, even for a short time, as a character they love? And, that is precisely where VR jumps in, revolutionizing the gaming industry for good. It boosts the game environment and takes players into the game for real-time. VR has helped to boost the interest amongst players in games.

Here is the showstopper. The virtual reality headset is a device mounted on the head of the user that covers the eyes. Though they have significant use in games, they are also used for other experiences such as simulations and training.

Markets are complete with various VR headsets manufactured by different companies. The high-ended ones include The Oculus Quest, Sony PlayStation VR, Valve, and HTC’s VIVE. In addition, to the cheap ones consisting only of Smartphones and cardboards, they are known as Google cardboards as they have branded them.

All of the VR headsets with their respective price tags provide amazing VR experiences. The high-end ones live up to their price, giving extraordinary, near-to-reality and mesmerizing VR experience, indulging you completely. For me, the best of the best is the Oculus quest 2; it gives you both a wired and wireless experience. It can be attached to a PC to play the PC games of your choice. It comes with four cameras for movement monitoring, hand tracking and high-resolution screens at a very affordable price. Hence, the Oculus Quest 2 is taking the lead for me.

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Now, since we know what VR is and how it has changed our lives for good, we move on to the VR games that give the players time of their lives. They can immerse themselves in the games and completely lose track of time. For a short time, they can practically and visually live another life as another character. What can be better than that? Yes, the games, the graphics, and the storyline. Now, if you want to be another character, you need to know what that character should be or what you want that character to be. For this purpose, VR offers real fun. So, here we will be listing highly praised free VR games. Here are some VR games, so you can decide better what genre suits you.

1. The Lab

The first game is The Lab, a virtual reality experience created by Valve. It utilizes VR innovation to feature a progression of play encounters through a hub room.

The lab is a collection of many mini-games, such as long bow, slingshot, medical examination, repairing, and many more. This game has effectively set new standards for the gaming world with complete freedom and immersion in exploring the lab. The interaction and fun you have while playing this game makes it astonishing. For the players looking for an interactive and adventurous game, this is your ultimate goal. I am going to recommend this free game to players who are new to virtual reality.

2. Propagation

Consolidating horror and wave shooting, Propagation VR will attempt to test your survival skill as you endure a zombie apocalypse. Surviving alone on a deserted and frightening subway, the only way to get out alive is to fight off the mutant species. To battle and survive, all you have got are guns and your first aid box. You have to manage your items carefully.

With excellent graphic fidelity and unique indulging experiences, the game is best to try for a scary run. The game keeps users immersed in its brief yet interesting phases, providing four different difficulty modes and a range of enemy types to counter and deal with. Therefore, if you are up for a short horror experience, here is your deal. The question is; will you survive?

3. Gorilla Tag

Gorilla Tag is a multiplayer virtual reality game created and distributed by Another Axiom.

This game provides its users a unique experience of a different kind of locomotion. Unlike the other VR games, there is no need for analog stick-based movement. Not just that, this fantastic game also allows interaction amongst the players through voice call. Therefore, players can forget they are humans and become gorillas and play with gorillas.

The game can be challenging at first. But as you play, you learn it. It is incredible to forget your life for the time being and actually think that you are a gorilla jumping and escaping through the forest.

So if the users are up for a run in the jungle, this is a must-try!

4. A Shopping Trip to Eklan Tor

This cute little game allows the users to explore the town of Eklan Tor and search for mysterious and hidden treasures. With monsters and humans simultaneously, the users locate the objects and complete the objectives on the map. The relatively small and immersive game allows users to indulge in the fantasy world of imagination completely.

It is an excellent game that even kids and beginners can indulge in. It is full of charm and brings you back to your precious childhood. It triggers that curiosity you had as a child and makes you want to explore every nook and corner. Want to be a kid again? Dive into the fantasy world of Eklan Tor.

5. The Red Stare

The Red Stare game is a hidden gem. It allows the user to experience what it takes to be a spy, from observing every move to teleporting and receiving confidential messages. It keeps the players on their toes, while loaded with a huge responsibility to save the nation. The users observe, deduce, and locate all the critical information.

This game gives you the right thrill and makes you realize how important you are as a spy. It allows users to display their abilities and save the nation.

If thrill and intelligence are what you seek from a game, here is the ultimate game for you.

6. Sopwith VR

Sopwith is a single-player, virtual reality world war 1 flight battle game inspired by David L. Clark’s exemplary game from 1984. It allows users to dogfight and destroy Fokker triplanes with their Sopwith biplane. The users control the real-life experience of flying and destroying planes simultaneously.

Sopwith VR is one of the best free games in terms of flying in VR. The controls are very easy to understand, and the theme and graphics, though not real, do the job very well. They give the game a real-life experience. It is a fun little flying combat game, and it is the best option for improving your VR flying combat experience.

7. Waltz of the Wizard (Legacy)

Waltz of the Wizard is a virtual reality game that allows the user to live in their own wizarding world. Combine your potions, make new spells and unleash them in a completely interactive virtual world. With the help of gesture movements, this game allows users to dive into the mysterious wizarding world fully.

Players are moved to a magical world brimming with mysteries to find and connect with, making elixirs and projecting spells that permit them to control their surroundings. If you want to dive into a mysterious wizarding world and experience the thrill of creating and unleashing magical potions, you need to get this game right away.

8. Eye of the Temple (First Steps)

This amazingly realistic game allows the players to explore a whole temple on their feet. The players have to overcome different levels such as moving blocks, unbalanced rocks, and multiple enemies. From reaching out to the right lever to jumping accurately to the correct spot, this game has all it takes to keep its users fully engaged.

This fantastic game challenges you to keep your head and lets you lose track of time. There is an excellent use of play space that makes you feel physically in the sprawling temple.

If you have VR capabilities and are up for a real life-like adventure in the temple, here is your chance.

9. Shattered Lights

This amazingly realistic virtual reality game questions the user’s sanity to endurance limit. The horror game makes its daredevil players walk in an abandoned and haunted medical facility with all physical steps. All the players have is a flashlight, their endurance level, and submission to the game.

This game, without exaggeration, is a literal stimulator with adjustable play space. It gives the users one of the best horror experiences and a real-life scare.

If you have those daredevil guts in you to make it through the facility without getting scared, then the Shattered Lights game is for you.

10. Blast the Past

Blast the Past allows its users to be a part of dynamic destruction. The users can experience what it takes to operate heavy machinery and demolish a house. A house that is the last of its kind in a city of skyscrapers. A little off the target, and destruction can be massive.

A fun mini-game that allows the users to demolish a house in a growing and advancing city. This game works as therapy if you like smashing things up. If you are up for smash and blasting a house up, Blast the Past is where you can do it.

11. SCP: Labrat

SCP: Labrat is a remake VR entertainment of SCP — Containment Breach by Undertow Games created by Bezbro Games. A point and click round of enduring a deserted lab, finding its privileged insights while bearing the animal inside.

SCP allows players to go through a new labyrinth each time they play it. The experiences are randomized, so players cannot be sure what is the nearby door to open.

This astonishing horror game allows the players to feel the real scare. Sudden attacks and jump scares can freak out any player. The pitch-black atmosphere adds more feel to the game. If you are ready to be freaked out and are up for a horror adventure, the SCP Labrat is for you.

12. Spellbound Spire

This VR game allows the users to be in the terror of a dark spell and live up to correct the magic gone wrong. The game allows the users to experience a mystical tower where a magical attack has gone wrong. The users have to put everything back in place while different hindrances and obstacles await them.

It gives its players a matrix-like experience and to forget the reality for a while. This game is a gem for VR lovers with a very subtle game experience. For players up for a magical virtual reality adventure, Spellbound Spire is to get right away.

13. Horizon Beyond

In this uniquely relaxing VR game, the user explores the new world, the world that lives scattered on the clouds. Horizon Beyond allows users to have fun chases behind giant mysterious creatures while exploring the astonishing new creatures, seemingly that have evolved with time in this new world.

These short games keep the players busy piloting the airship and chasing the creature that has stolen a key. This game has subtle anime-like theme graphics. Horizon Beyond will do its best to suffice the conditions for the new VR players looking for a calm and new concept game.

14. Portal Stories: VR

Portal is one of the highly praised games; how about trying it in virtual reality. Portal Stories replicates the original portal game but in VR. This game allows players to choose from ten unique puzzles, adding more to the feel; the game has been incorporated to work on 360 degrees angles. The game will enable users to solve puzzles filled with charm and humor while challenging their intellectual skills.

It is an immersive, short, and humorous game in the portal universe. Portal Stories VR is a  must-have if you are a big fan of the portal game.

15. Deserving Life

Deserving Life developed by students gives an extraordinary depiction of what the word “misery” can mean. The game starts with players chained to the ground. The players have to find their way out of these eight individual rooms using the resources available. The game allows the users to interact and overcome obstacles while solving riddles.

The game has a creepy atmosphere, which adds more horror to the game. It allows players to complete the game in a single run. In this tense game, the players have to take notes of everything they hear or see to make it through. If players are up for the escape room gaming experience, Deserving Life is an excellent option to go for.

16. Runes: The Forgotten Path

The Forgotten Path is a VR experience set in a dreamland, wherein the players are rebel wizards. The players will have the ability to spellcast by drawing rune shapes all around with their hands to address riddles and battle adversaries.

The players will attempt to recall their lost recollections and escape Oblivion, a jail inside their own psyche with the spells. Runes will challenge them with puzzles planned explicitly for VR.

This game places the player in a world of dreams and experiences that dazzles the senses. It has a nice captivating and engaging story that allows users to cast spells.  This game is best for players interested in magical adventures and who desire a nice intriguing story.

17. Deadly Hunter VR

This VR game surprises its users with a different gaming experience than other VR archery and defensive games. The game places the players in intense battle action, all while using bows and arrows. The player has to eliminate the evil Orcs.

The game has excellent and crisp graphics. It lets the players navigate freely and teleport among the battle scenes. With just-right background music and perfectly polished details, the game is a treat to play. Deadly Hunter VR is perfect for anyone looking for an authentic feeling of intense battle scenes.

18. Beat the Blitz

Beat the Blitz allows the players to explore how damaging dehydration can be for an athlete’s body—at the same time, giving the players a virtual experience of ball throwing just by the motion of their hands. The players have dodged the blitz, all while challenging the dehydration.

The game really makes you sweat. It is a fun game motivating players to conquer all the challenges while taking care of their bodies. The players can see how dehydration is slowing them down by tampering with their hearts and brain. All of the players up for an athletic experience should try this game.

19. VRSailing by BeTomorrow

This amazing ship simulation game gives the players a whole experience of what it is to sail. With enduring and severe weather conditions, the players have to sail through obstacles. With tremendous reality, the game allows the players to enjoy the experience of their lives in a simulated ship.

The game has such an excellent realistic experience that players can almost feel the ship moving under them. The animations of all three conditions are outstanding too. With shaking ships and the balance of waves, players can almost feel what it takes to be a sailor in real life.

This game provides one of the most impressive VR experiences. Hence, if players are craving a good VR experience and dreaming of realistically sailing, this game must be one of the finest options.

20. Trickster VR: Horde Attack!

The Trickster VR game is an action-packed game allowing its players to have a breathtaking hack-and-slash experience. The players can choose between 30 magical and unique weapons as they progress in the game. Having two different difficulty levels, it engages its players completely—the players battle to win that top spot on the ORC leaderboard.

It is a fun and short game to play. The combat is a lot more satisfying than expected. It has great bow mechanisms.

Therefore, this game is perfect for players who want to indulge in small multiple combats and ace their way to the top.

21. NVIDIA VR Funhouse

This game is carnival-centered, which allows its players to move and explore through different carnival games. It has seven mini-games like shooting the flaming arrows and whack-a-mole, the ones you want to see in a real carnival. With new immersive and interactive effects, this game has what it takes to indulge its players completely.

VR Funhouse portrays the next-generation VR skills. The mini-games are so interesting and indulgent that it is hard to keep track of time. The reality effect derived from vivid graphics and the choice of games makes it so interesting to play.

This game is perfect for those looking to revive their carnival experience and up for an adventurous turn there.

22. Spider-Man: Homecoming — Virtual Reality Experience

Based on the Spider-Man movie “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” released in 2017, this amazing free game allows its players to experience what it is like to be a teenage superhero. It gives its users the experience to know how it is to be behind the mask and save others. With all the brand-new equipment and fancy gadgets, the players have to make it out independently.

This super polished and non-buggy short game is so cool to play. It is a short teaser of the movie, but it allows the fans to indulge a bit deeper into the story. They can play and experience what it takes to be their favorite superhero. It is best to play if you are a superhero kind of person. Otherwise, you can find it annoying to play such a short game.

23. Ludicrous Speed

This game gives its users the thrill to speed up. With the music of their choice, the players race through the neon world, reacting to the beats. The players overcome the hazards, hurdles and make their way forward.

Ludicrous Speed makes the players feel like they are real-life sonic running endlessly. The infinite path can be completely customizable that adds more depth and personal feelings to the game. It has what gamers want: good game controls, consistency, and fluidity. So if you are up for jumping and running, this is your game.

24. Faceted Flight

Faceted Flight is a stylized stunt game that allows users to experience how racing amongst the ghost racers feels. The players can either explore in free flight or race. This game offers an incredibly challenging VR flying experience. The game controls may take a little time for a gamer to adjust, but the pleasing music makes it enjoyable. For the players looking for a VR flight experience, this is the game recommended to them.

25. VirZOOM Arcade

VirZoom is a game of its kind that allows the users to play and stay fit all along. The players ride a bicycle to control their avatars on a Pegasus, racing car, and other stuff, too. Working out and playing in one game, how fun is that! Not just this, the game allows users to select their workout plan. Players can also link their stats of working out through the games link to Fitbit and Strava.

It is a simple and entertaining game. The game is so engaging that players forget the time and work out way more. It has simple yet solid controls. It is a fun and exercise game to play.

I recommend this game to all those having trouble concentrating while working out, which is the ticket out. This game is going to make you sweat.

26. Freedom Locomotion VR

Freedom Locomotion VR has a revolutionary locomotion system. The game gives the users access to multiple locomotion methods such as running, crawling, jumping, and jogging across a range of locations. The users can run or walk in their spots, allowing the same in VR. And for those suffering from the slightest motion sickness, the game has got them covered too.

The game allows the users to cover large-scale environments in an immersive manner. Freedom Locomotion gives the real-time feeling of being in that place. The game is such a treat to play as there are no interruptions like teleporting, and players can explore fluidly.

Anyone with a VR gear should definitely try this game. It promises an extraordinary future for VR.

27. Battle Arena VR

This multiplayer battle game allows the users to combat along with an automated pair. The game has voice chat abilities. The players from different servers worldwide or locally can interact and share their excitement.

With cool weapons, the players swing around in zero gravity and combat. In addition, the vocal interaction makes it more interesting to interact with players worldwide. The players looking for short yet good quality combat games are the recommendations for them.

28. Life of Lon: Chapter 1

This science fantasy game takes the players to a completely undiscovered alien world as the protagonist players follow a mysterious character that helps them out and make their way forward. The players explore this fantasy world and try to get off the planet. The game does not require much movement, so gamers with disabilities can have ease in playing this VR game.

It is a fascinating game having a friendly planter approach. This short game allows users to experience a new world alone for a short span. It is fun to explore around and make your way out. The center of attraction is the player as the protagonist if it makes the player feel like a movie star. If players are willing to play the short yet excellent game and explore entirely new graphics of the hidden world, Life of Lon is perfect.

29. Virtual Soccer Zone

How about playing soccer in virtual reality? This amazing game has the fans utterly crazy for soccer. The players can indulge entirely in the virtual game of soccer. In phases, they can get to be the goalkeeper, header, and striker as they progress. The players get to compete with their friends all around the world.

This game makes you sweaty! The players can customize their uniforms and appearances.

If players are looking to get sweaty and are up for a challenging soccer game with friends far away, this is an excellent recommendation for them.

30. Spider-Man: Far From Home: Virtual Reality

Another adaptation of the film Spider-Man Far From Home in virtual reality. Players get a virtual experience of what it is like to be in the spider suit for a short time. The players swing and move across New York while keeping an eye for the enemies.

It is so amazing to swing around like Spider-Man. While jumping, it legit feels like you are falling from a building. It can trigger height frights. It gives an amazing experience to move like Spider-Man for a short time. To all the Spidey fans, here is your chance to swing like your favorite hero.


Now, we know VR is a virtually created reality. For a moment or two, VR technology takes us to an unseen world that is an image of someone’s creativity and reflection of their thoughts. VR adds more color and sensation to gaming and other industries. It allows users and interactors to think for once, as they are the protagonist of the game. The games feel so real, and some games can trigger phobias. It would truly feel that you are trapped inside a small building, or the fall from the roof of a tall building could literally scare you to death. VR provides that immersive experience. Totally unique to itself. The users lose track of time and are completely submerged in the amazing VR world.he games mentioned above are unique and a masterpiece like VRSailing by BeTomorrow. The user gets to sail on the boat with extremely good controls and explore a completely new mutated world. The Spider-Man: Far From Home: Virtual Reality game allows the users to know what it is like to be a friendly neighborhood hero. The users can live like their favorite superhero for some time; throw webs, fight enemies, and complete the game. Whereas, Deserving Life takes all the user’s intellectual skills to free themselves from the eight rooms they are held captive in. The users utilize all the given sources and their skills to make their way out. The Freedom Locomotion: VR gives its users the one of a kind experience. Parallel to none, the users can move, jump, and crawl across the multiple settings provided. The locomotion skills are revolutionary. It is an experience worth trying.

The best picks among these games would be Freedom Locomotion VR, Battle Arena, NVIDIA® VR Funhouse, VR Sailing by BeTomorrow, Propagation, and Horizon Beyond. These games are amazing and masterpieces on their own right; from having extraordinary locomotion abilities to perfect combating parts. These games excel in their perspectives. The graphics and the whole new concept the creators have added to make the game look like an actual world in their own way shows. In The Funhouse, the game, the scenes, and the different locations truly make you feel like you are at the carnival and revives the fun of being a kid. In Horizon Beyond, the graphics are so extraordinary that you can barely take your eyes off. The mysterious new creatures chasing you adds more fun to the game. In the Battle Arena, the amazing combat scenes legit make the players feel like they are fighting opponents in the battle arena. All of these games have a wow factor and are capable of blowing the user’s mind. The game Propagation gives the users a scare of their lives. They are standing alone in a zombie-filled subway station, and they have to make their way out. All the while, they are attacked by mutated creatures as well. It feels for some time that you are alone on a subway filled with zombies. The players try to run and fight the zombies as best they can. The graphics and music add much more of an authentic feel to the game.

This list is not the ultimate list, of course. There are a lot of masterpieces yet to be explored and even created.

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