What Does Error Code 279 Mean in Roblox?

Roblox is a 3D gaming platform where users can create and play the games created by other users. Like other platforms, users also face some issues and errors while playing Roblox. There can be different reasons for these errors. Error 279 occurs due to an internet connectivity issue. To know more about error 279, its causes, and fixes, read this article.

What is an Error Code 279 in the Roblox?

Error code 279 in the Roblox is all about connection failure, or connection attempt failed. The problem with your internet is preventing you from connecting to the server. Whenever there is an issue with your internet and desired operation fails to load, a grey dialogue box appears in the centre of the screen while playing Roblox with the message:

Why Does Error 279 Occur?

Several possible reasons can cause error 279 to occur:

  • The most frequent cause of Roblox error 279 occurrence is Windows firewall because Windows firewall doesn’t allow the web browser to connect with the game.
  • Another reason is the unstable internet connection.
  • Browser extensions can also prevent the Roblox from loading.
  • The scripting errors in the game and too many items in the game can also cause this error.

How to Fix Error code 279?

The error 279 can be fixed by trying these methods:

  1. Turning off the Windows firewall
  2. Updating web browser
  3. Disabling all the browser extensions
  4. Re-installing the Roblox Application
  5. Resetting internet connection

1: Turn off Windows Firewall

Microsoft Windows firewall or Microsoft defender protects your system from unauthorised access, which is present in your PC by default. You can enable or disable this built-in protection from the settings of your system. To fix the error code 279 of Roblox, simply turn off the Windows firewall by following these steps:

Step 1: Press Windows+I to open the settings and select Update and Security:

Step 2: Click on Windows Security from the left panel and select Firewall and network protection:

Step 3: Select a Public network:

Note: Public firewall affects your internet connection.

Step 4: Turn the toggle off for the Microsoft Defender Firewall in the Public Network:

2: Update Your Web Browser

The web browsers also affect the gaming experience, update your web browser to resolve the issues with Roblox and use the Google Chrome browser, it is the best and preferable browser for Roblox:

Step 1: Open Chrome browser on your laptop and click on three dots (kebab menu):

Step 2: Click on the Help option and select About Google Chrome:

Step 3: Check for Chrome updates:

3: Disable All the Extensions

Extensions can cause several issues; simply disable them manually through the settings of your browser:

Step 1: Launch the Chrome browser on your laptop and click on the three dots (kebab menu) icon:

Step 2: Now, select the More tools and then Extensions option from the drop-down menu:

Step 3: Click on the remove button on the extension:

Step 4: Confirm the removal by clicking on the Remove option from the pop-up screen:

4: Update The Roblox App

If you are playing the games on the installed application on your laptop, then simply update the Roblox app or remove it and re-install it. This will fix the issue, as maybe the older version is not compatible with your laptop.

5: Reset Your Internet Connection

Unstable internet connections prevent the Roblox from loading, first restart your modem and router and check if the issue is solved, otherwise follow these steps to reset your internet connection from your laptop:

Step 1: Open the Google Chrome browser on your laptop and click on three dots:

Step 2: Select the Settings option:

Step 3: Click on the Reset and clean up from the left panel and select Restore settings to their original defaults:

Step 4: A new pop-up will appear, click on Reset settings:


While performing any task or playing any game, if any error occurs, it can straight away affect your experience. Internet is required while playing Roblox, there can also be an issue with your internet connection that is causing error 279. To fix this error, read the above-mentioned methods. Using the Roblox app must be preferred as it reduces most of the errors, and if you are playing Roblox on the web, then using a reliable browser like Google Chrome is suggested.

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