What is Ephemeral Storage in AWS Lambda?

Amazon Lambda is a serverless managed server that is used to develop applications by writing code on its dashboard. Lambda allows the user to create functions with the desired runtime environment which can be used to build code in a specific programming language. It also provides the user with storage space for codes up to 75 GB in total.

This guide will explain about ephemeral storage in AWS Lambda.

What is Ephemeral Storage in AWS Lambda?

Ephemeral storage is used to store data temporarily and it gets removed as soon as the service is terminated. Amazon Lambda service supports ephemeral storage of up to 10,240 MBs which is a huge increase as the previous size was 512 MBs. Lambda uses different storage services like S3, temporary storage with “/tmp”, etc for its functions.

How to Add Ephemeral Storage in AWS Lambda?

To add ephemeral storage in AWS Lambda, search “Lambda” from the AWS dashboard:

On the lambda page, click on the “Functions” page from the left panel:

On the Functions page, click on the “Create function” button:

Start configuring the lambda function by selecting the “Author from scratch” option:

Type the “Name” of the function, select “Runtime” environment, and “Architecture” for the function:

Scroll down the page and click on the “Create function” button:

Once the function is created, simply head into the “Configuration” section:

Locate the “General configuration” section to click on the “Edit” button:

On the basic settings page, set the Ephemeral storage up to 10 GB:

Scroll down the page to click on the “Save” button:

The ephemeral storage has been added to the lambda function:

You have successfully created a lambda function and added ephemeral storage to it.


AWS platform has offered users up to 10 GB of ephemeral storage that can be used as temporary storage with other memory as well. To add ephemeral storage, simply create a lambda function from the lambda dashboard on the platform. After that, head into the configuration section of the function to edit the ephemeral storage and then click on the “Save” button. This blog discussed about Ephemeral Storage in AWS Lambda.

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